Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL – also known as ELMA in Norway) is a set of standards that enable simple cross-border eProcurement. It is not an e-procurement platform per se, but a set of agreed technical specifications that enable organizations to send electronic business documents such as e-invoices easily between disparate systems.

PEPPOL was initiated to give public sector organizations across Europe a standardized way to exchange electronic business documents. Its use has spread to the private sector where businesses are reaping the benefits in Europe, and countries outside of Europe such as Canada.

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Why use PEPPOL?

As an open network, PEPPOL saves time and reduces the complexity of cross-border e-procurement, lowering costs and making the procurement process faster and more efficient.
New regulations are putting higher demands on public sector organizations across Europe to adhere to PEPPOL. They also require suppliers to the public sector to use the same infrastructure.
If you’re working in the public sector or for a supplier delivering to the public sector, and your organization is not PEPPOL enabled, you will need to be.

Rillion’s partner Pagero provides easy access to PEPPOL

Gaining access to the PEPPOL network is done using an access point. This access point can then instantly exchange e-documents with any other PEPPOL access point in the world.

Rillion’s partner Pagero provides a certified PEPPOL access point packaged into their e-invoicing service, which means customers do not have to make a separate agreement with PEPPOL.
Pagero keeps track of changes to the standard PEPPOL formats for business documents. This keeps customers compliant at all times.

Pagero has a long and solid experience of electronic business documents and started to offer this service long before PEPPOL was launched as a European standard. Pagero is global company, with offices in the Nordics, Europe, USA and the Middle East. To find out more about Pagero’s PEPPOL integrated platform, click here.

Read about receiving e-invoices in Rillion’s AP automation solution here.

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