Rillion’s Canadian partner has expanded the business by offering a modern solution for AP and P2P automation.

About EchoVera

EchoVera Inc. based in Toronto, Canada, provides Intelligent OCR, AP Automation, Purchase Automation & Spend Management solutions to organizations looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their financial operations. The company brings over 30 years experience to clients worldwide.

Successful marketing of Invoice capture

With a marketing push to promote invoice capture in the last few years, EchoVera has grown substantially landing clients in the US, Australia, Europe, and Mexico. Technology offerings outside of Rillion include Chronoscan and CloudTrade, both market leaders in the digital capture space. Both of these solutions are bundled with Rillion to provide clients with an efficient invoice capture and approval workflow system.

Expertise in the Netsuite market

EchoVera has developed expertise in the NetSuite market and is positioning itself to benefit from other ERP integrations that are in the works. Client industries include telecommunications, golf courses, biopharma, airlines, college sports, and eCommerce.

“Rillion’s matching engine lets our clients match POs with hundreds of lines in just seconds. It’s a great time-saver that cuts down their workload and reduces the risk of manual errors.”

Superior PO Matching with Rillion

CEO Ralf Leitner finds Rillion is great for PO matching. “Rillion’s 2 and 3 way PO matching is clearly superior to what other software companies are offering,” he said, “It’s a feature that gives us an edge in our negotiations and fulfills a requirement that is often very complex. Rillion’s matching engine lets our clients match POs with hundreds of lines in just seconds. It’s a great time-saver that cuts down their workload and reduces the risk of manual errors.”

Seamless workflows

EchoVera also has partnerships and expertise with CloudTrade and ChronoScan, both leaders in PDF capture and OCR scanning for supplier invoices. Combined with Rillion, the capture products create a seamless workflow for input into the Rillion workflow.

Visit EchoVera’s official website to learn more.

Flexible, Modular, Secure and Compliant

Improved structure for your supplier invoices

Maximize the automation of your invoice management by allowing the system to match invoices with purchase orders or contracts. Direct resources towards exceptions and free up time for higher-value work.

Save time and money for the entire organisation

Make it easier for both managers and employees to manage purchases, invoices, and expenses. Reduce your administration in the finance and purchasing departments.

Increased control and lower costs

When the purchase-to-pay process is automated, it’s easier to purchase the right product from the right supplier and for the right price. Approve the purchase order instead of the invoice and achieve full cost control before the purchase takes place!

Partner Success Stories

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Simac Document Solutions and Rillion initiated their partnership in 2008 and today Simac is one of the largest Rillion resellers in Europe.


Swedish software business Vitec develops comprehensive enterprise planning system for the construction and real estate industries.

Canon Business Services ANZ

Rillion’s partner in Australia and New Zealand experiences growing demand for AP Automation.

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