Swedish software business Vitec develops comprehensive enterprise planning system for the construction and real estate industries. Rillion’s AP solution is offered as an add-on to improve customer experience.

About Vitec

Vitec was founded in 1985 and the first product was a software that helped real estate companies monitor energy consumption. Today, Vitec is the Nordic market leader in Vertical Market Software, focusing on the development and delivery of standardized software aimed at niche markets such as pharmacies, banks, car repair shops, real estate, health care and education. Vitec delivers these services with a socially supportive product and knowledgeable employees.

Vitec Construction & Real Estate

Swedish software business Vitec offers a comprehensive enterprise planning system customized for the construction and real estate industries. The ERP, Vitec Ekonomi/3L, handles processes such as leasing, sales, customer care, finance, technical management and the monitoring of energy consumption.

Rillion’s AP solution is offered as an add-on to improve Vitec’s customer experience

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The partnership

The ERP Vitec Ekonomi/3L and Rillion’s solution both have many features that are used by construction and real estate businesses. Through Vitec’s own integration to Rillion, data is transferred between the systems in real time. The integration is used by hundreds of companies and is continuously maintained and updated.

Simplify for the Finance team

Åsa Rosén, Account Manager at Vitec Construction & Real Estate, has many years of experience introducing Rillion to new customers and she says:
”Many of our new ERP customers get a ‘wow-experience’ when I show them the invoice processing in Rillion. They often find several features and functions that they missed in their old AP Automation solution, that really simplifies the work within the finance function of a construction or real estate company.

“The system can handle many coding variables as well as manage several business units in an efficient way. Another feature that is useful is the VAT management that includes lump sum VAT, reverse tax obligation and tax deductible VAT.”

A dedicated person for sales support

Åsa Rosén says that when Rillion’s solution was new to her, she received support from Rillion’s competent sales team to demonstrate the system to new customers. Today she can introduce the system on her own.

She comments:
“If I need help with a request I always get a quick response and support from Rillion. At Vitec we have a dedicated contact from Rillion’s sales team who is always there to respond to my questions.”

Customer case

Listen to one of Vitec’s and Rillion’s construction clients, Peab AB, and learn about their experience. To the video

Vitec has a dedicated contact from Rillion for sales support

Why Rillion?

Mobile Enabled

One-click approvals via desktop, tablet, or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Rillion offers One-click approvals for vendor invoices
Efficient management of supplier invoices reduces costs

Efficient Processing

Efficient management of supplier invoices reduces costs and creates more time for high-value work in your organization.

More Control

Get instant control over invoice status and bottlenecks, resulting in faster approvals and smooth monthly reconciliations.

More Control Get instant control over invoice status and bottlenecks by using Rillion

“Thanks to integrated functionality and a user-friendly interface, our customers experience significant productivity gains in the accounts payable process. Rillion’s solution is easy to integrate with our ERP and it increases the value of our offering as well as the customer experience.”

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