Accounts Payable Automation is not just about invoice processing. By digitizing the AP process, you get better control of upcoming costs and full visibility into approval cycle times and potential bottle necks.

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Landstar benefits from automated invoice processing with Rillion

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Landstar System Inc. is a worldwide provider of integrated transportation management solutions.

With 1200 employees and a broad customer base, the organization wanted to streamline financial management and improve its operational efficiencies.

Speed up approval workflows

With over 250,000 Rillion users we have insight into the things you struggle with.

Get full control of your supplier invoices, from their arrival through to being booked and paid for.

All incoming invoices are collected in one place. Receive email invoices or digitize paper invoices with advanced OCR technology.

Pre-set matching and workflow rules decide how the invoice is processed in your organization, saving a tremendous amount of time for your department by limiting touch points.

User friendly interface

Get a user-friendly system that is accessible from anywhere at any time, allowing the whole organization to accelerate invoice processing and approve invoices on the go by mobile or email.

Invoice approval online

Our web based interface is easy to access from any device. Approve invoices directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Detect potential bottle necks

Rillion’s central dashboard makes it easy to get an overview of all vendor invoices in the AP process. Detect potential bottle necks and avoid payment delays.

Automatic reminders

The system automatically sends out reminders to approvers with invoices pending, well in advance of month end.

Seamless integration with your ERP

Rillion integrates with popular ERPs. Our success team will get you up and running with your accounting system.

Invoice Data Capture

Rillion’s capture solution ensures you eliminate paper processes completely. Whether invoices are received as paper or email formats, the data is captured quickly and efficiently. No manual data entry is required.

Efficient AP Workflow

Rillion automatically sends invoices to the proper approver, according to pre-set rules. If needed, you add approvers to an existing workflow with ad-hoc routing.

Automated PO Matching

Match vendor invoices to internal or external purchase orders and goods receipts. Our Cascading Matching engine automatically matches hundreds of lines – saving you time and money.

Archive & Audit

A step-by-step history of invoice transactions is recorded, including communications between internal staff and suppliers. Rillion creates a complete searchable invoice archive for reference and auditing purposes.

Don’t take our word for it

"We searched for a flexible purchase-to-pay solution that could help us control purchasing, and secure supplier loyalty, that would also live up to our internal authorization framework."

Eva Petré Rege | Coor Service Management

" I like that with Rillion you see a pie chart of the expenses. So each month I can see see that at a quick glance… which is nice, you know each day when I go through entering/posting the invoices I kind of look at that to see where we’re at.” "

Nikki Milian | Smiles First Corporation

" We only work with the most modern systems and our aim is always to be at the cutting edge when it comes to technological solutions. Rillion is part of our ecosystem.”"

Hanna Rexhammar | Deskjockeys

"It’s amazing. The solution recognizes the invoice and it’s learning from those invoices, making it a smoother process. Once those invoices are getting thrown into the project manager teams, it’s already filled out for them to review."

Adrian Galvin | VMG Construction

"The system is intuitive, our clients quickly understand what to do and we are able to follow these companies’ growth. As they grow, we can keep scaling up the systems or the number of employees we assign to them"

Mattias Ryglert | Brain Accounting

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Empower your accounts payable organisation

Implement a modern solution for invoice processing, and help your AP team to eliminate repetitive and time consuming tasks. Free up resources and get more time for higher value tasks.

The digital archive of invoices simplifies the audit process as all transactions, invoices and receipts can be traced in one single place.

Growing. Add more modules as you see fit.

You are responsible for AP, AR, capital accounting, general accounting, bank reporting and many other routine tasks. The vast majority of your time is focused on AP, either directly or indirectly.

With Rillion, your organization can always level up automation with requisitions, contract management, and budgets in a full purchase to pay solution. It’s possible to reach a “zero touch process”  in accounts payable!