AP Automation for QuickBooks  

Integration with accounting systems is always a big concern for organizations wanting to implement AP automation.

Rillion connects to QuickBooks Online in minutes – saving you time and making integration just a little bit easier!

Integration with QuickBooks Online

The integration process connects with:

  • Your list of suppliers
  • Your list of accounts
  • Your vendor list
  • Any departments you have set up
  • Tax codes

Integrate with QuickBooks Online in minutes

Here are the steps in the video: 

  1. First, you hit the connect to QuickBooks Screen button. From there you will be taken to Intuit’s online login page, where you’ll be asked to enter your administrators email address and password for QuickBooks. 
  2. Simply hit sign in, and then we’ll be asked to select the company which you want to connect to Rillion. 
  3. If you have multiple companies that you would like to connect, you can accomplish that by setting up different organizations in Rillion. Simply hit Connect, and the magic will take place behind the scenes. You will be taken back to Rillion where we can simply activate our import and export jobs, allowing the transfer of data to and from Rillion and QuickBooks. Simply hit Save. 
  4. We’ll do a one time full import from QuickBooks Online, which will import key data such as your list of suppliers, list of accounts, class lists, department lists, and any tax codes you may have set up in QuickBooks Online. 
  5. This import typically takes between 30 to 60 seconds, and is required to get your full data set within Rillion. 
  6. Once the import has been complete, we can simply click into the Administration tab. And as you can see our list of suppliers, our list of accounts, our class list, any departments that we have set up along with tax codes have been imported from our instance of QuickBooks Online to our instance in Rillion.

For more information, visit the QuickBooks Online integration page.

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