Client Information

Customer Encare
Branch Software industry
Area The solution Encare provides is available at hospitals in more 20 countries
Business system Via accounting firm Brain
Invoices/year 400
Employees 10
Process automated Invoice processing and Approval workflow

Increased efficiency at lower cost

Encare provides evidence-based care pathways for enhanced recovery after surgery. Its software is based on protocols or check lists formulated from scientific publications within surgery to understand the perioperative care process and how to apply best practice. Hospitals that use the software can reduce post operation care from 12 to 9 days for gastrointestinal surgery, thereby lowering the cost by approximately 30% and significantly improving the patients’ wellbeing.

“Like Rillion, we aim to give our customers higher quality, efficiency gains and savings”, says Per and continues:

“It doesn’t matter what your organization looks like, its size or what you offer. As a CEO I enable my organization’s growth and profitability which makes digitalization equally important no matter the size of the company.”

Always accessible

The company gained access to purchasing data that they were able to leverage. Straight through processing of invoices for indirect material was also made possible, and the expense module empowered employees with visibility and mobile approvals.

Instead of paper and other files being lost, documents could be seen anywhere and at anytime. Month-end accrual processes were reduced to just minutes instead of days, and Rillion gave controllers the ability to decide to go over budget, rather than trying to explain why they did.

“We believe that whatever can be automated should be, since it is the fast track to high quality” Per Sunnermark, CEO at Encare

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