Client Information

Customer Mattssons
Branch Real Estate
Area Sweden
Processes automated Invoice processing and approval workflow
AP Solution Rillion (formerly Centsoft Invoice)


Ann-Charlott Strömberg controller at Mattssons and she was involved in the purchasing and implementation of Rillion.

“I was involved when we started using Centsoft*, and one of the reasons we chose this system was that we immediately thought it looked easy to use. I also found that you get a good overview when you work in the system.”

Minette Klint also works in the accounts department and is the person who handles most of the invoices. She says:

“For us, it’s like night and day, comparing manual invoice processing with how we work with Rillion. We have 36 companies, 13 of which are currently integrated with Rillion. That means a large volume of invoices to process, particularly when we start up new projects. We are currently experiencing a period of positive growth and expansion in the company, and the number of invoices we process is growing accordingly.”

“We were actually tipped off by one of our partners. We had another system for a short time, but Rillion suits us really well.”

“We have a heavy workload at present and are expanding, but our view is that if we just compare how we work now with how we used to work, we save a great deal of time on invoice processing, which might ultimately have meant dropping one staff member.”

“Primarily by avoiding all the paper handling. A year ago, we submitted clear requirements to our suppliers, simply telling them that we will no longer be processing paper invoices. If we receive them by post, we return them, asking for them to be sent in digital format.”

“If we compare our way of working today with how we worked before, we save a lot of time on invoice processing.”
– Ann-Charlott Strömberg, Accounting Manager

“There really is no comparison! We used to go and collect the incoming post. We had a daily procedure, opening and sorting the invoices. That task is now gone.”

“We have a few consultants who help us a few days a week and I always feel secure in the knowledge that it is easy for them to learn the way we do things in our operations. And if someone in the accounts department is on holiday, for example, we know that we can continue to process invoices in the same way despite their absence, all thanks to Rillion.”

“I have to say that we didn’t actually have any major difficulties. We had a lot of help from Centsoft* initially and we got up and running fast. There are of course a few details and functions that we are still not entirely sure about where we are improving, but we find we get great support from Rillion.”

Mattssons has now been using Rillion for a while, but will continue to develop its use of the system and its functions.

“We will continue to develop the approval function and start using the automatic coding.”

What advice can you give to others?
“Think about which functions are most important for your company and focus on them to begin with.”

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