Client Information

Customer The Perryman Company
Branch Based in Houston PA
Area USA
Business system Aptean
Invoices/year 25.000
Employees 300 across the organization
Process automated with RILLION Invoice Capture, Invoice Processing, Contracts, PO Matching

The Challenge for Perryman

Perryman processes 25,000 vendor invoices every year and have Aptean as their ERP. Manually entering invoice data was not only time consuming and resource intensive, manual errors and missed documents were also problematic.

After exploring another software product, the company decided to look for another supplier because the process was too complex. Perryman contacted Rillion in order to have a more streamlined system and an easier way to use invoice data capture solution.

As well, Perryman needed to reduce the amount of time and resources involved in matching purchase orders and contracts. 

Purchase orders needed to be automatically matched to incoming supplier invoices, and recurring invoices had to be matched to their underlying contracts. 

A Complete Solution from Rillion

Reducing the data capture workload

With the Rillion solution the data from Perryman’s vendor invoices is captured and validated automatically with a 95% accuracy rate. The invoices go to a queue, visible in the Rillion dashboard. 

PO matching

Purchase orders are compared  by the software to matching vendor invoices within Rillion. If there is a match based on the variances set by the Perryman team, the invoices are automatically approved and sent to Aptean for payment.

Recurring invoices

Recurring invoices for services such as cleaning, supplies, repairs and other monthly payments are matched to their underlying contract. If necessary an internal invoice can be generated when the service company has not provided one for the regular payments.

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