Client Information

Customer WeCare tlc
Branch Healthcare
Area USA
ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central
Processes automated Invoice capture, invoice processing and approval workflow
AP Solution Rillion (formerly Centsoft Invoice)


WeCare processes approximately 600 supplier invoices per month. The invoices arrive in the mail or by email. The company was using another software for their accounting function and the company wanted to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. WeCare chose Rillion for all of their invoice capture, approval, and processing.

Invoice Capture

Invoices arrive by mail or email, and scanned by Rillion. The data inside each invoice is then populated in an intuitive central dashboard. WeCare finance administrators can check that the data is accurate, make adjustments, apply coding and send the invoice out for approval.

AI works in the background to learn account codes, and over time makes suggestions on how to code items on each invoice.

Approval Workflow

WeCare is made up of two different organizations, WeCare tlc and WeCare tlc Corrections. There are 43 approvers for tlc and 12 approvers in Corrections.

Once an invoice enters the system and has been checked by the administrator, the invoices go out in an automated workflow where managers and approvers can approve the invoice on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

“Being able to download a PDF of an invoice has been very useful. Using the comprehensive search function has saved me the most time.”


WeCare has benefitted from the ease of integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central. The integration only takes a few clicks, and all of the vendor information is shared with Rillion.

Once an invoice is approved, the invoice is transferred to Business Central for recording and payment.

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