Palette has developed software for the automation of accounts payable and related processes for more than 25 years. Our product suite is called PaletteArena and it contains the following modules:

  • PaletteInvoice: invoice processing
  • PaletteBuyer: purchasing and requisitions
  • PaletteContract: contract management and support for recurring invoices
  • PaletteMobile: mobile interface for approval of invoices and purchase orders/requisitions
  • PaletteOrdermatching: invoice matching against purchase orders
  • PaletteMail: email approval of invoices and requisitions/purchase orders
  • PaletteBudget: budget request and budget related to purchases
  • PaletteDashboard: messages, statistics and KPIs
  • PaletteDocuments: tool for document and process management including document archive

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On top of the PaletteArena modules above we offer the following add-ons:

  • Scanning and capture: executed by a service bureau or with third party products
  • E-invoice: direct connection to Pagero’s network or other e-invoicing operators
  • Supplier Portal: access to invoices for suppliers

Cloud solution or on-premise

PaletteArena is offered as a cloud solution or on-premise installation. Both alternatives are available as a standardized product or as a solution that can be customized according to customer specific requirements. With Palette you get a cost efficient, secure and scalable solution that matches contracts, requisitions and purchase orders to supplier invoices. Our vision is “100 % Automated Accounts Payable”.

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PaletteArena integrates with your ERP

Palette has a large number of connectors that integrate with your financial system or ERP. Some connectors have been developed by ERP suppliers (or any of their integration partners) in order to achieve the best possible performance. There is also a standardized and well defined API for customers and partners who wish to develop their own integration (i.e. if you have in-house developed solutions). Read more about ERP Integrations

Products added through acquisitions

In the past few years Palette has broadened its offerings through the acquisitions of competitors in the Nordic market.


In May 2018, Palette acquired Centsoft, which offers AP automation for small to medium sized organizations. Centsoft Invoice is an intelligent, standardized solution which can be implemented for customers in a few hours. Functionality included in the Centsoft solution:

  • Centsoft Invoice: processing of supplier invoices
  • Centsoft Expense: management of expenses and receipts
  • Centsoft Contracts: contract and document management


In June 2016, KIBI Business Solutions was acquired from KIBI. Their software solutions for document management and invoice processing was part of the acquisition:

  • Approve-It: account payable automation
  • Flex: customizable account payable automation

Centsoft AB was acquired in May 2018 and is now part of Palette Software Group. Read more about the acquisition in the press release.

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