ERP Integration

– with many popular ERPs

Quickly connect your existing accounting system or ERP to Rillion’s AP solutions. Rillion allows for ERP integration with many of the world’s leading ERPs and financial systems.

Rillion’s AP Solution comes with many ERP integrations

What is ERP integration?

ERP integration refers to the process of connecting and synchronizing your ERP system with other business applications such as eCommerce, CRM, EDI and AP automation. In essence, connecting all key points a business leverages to input, manage, track and output data that’s meaningful and important for the business. These systems can be seen as an extension of the ERPs core functionality.

For example: an AP automation system to track, search and manage contracts and invoices with a high level of automation.

Seamless integration with your ERP

Integrations are key to success for smooth operations and we´ve prepared for you to get onboard.

Why should you do an ERP integration with Rillion?

An ERP in itself is an integrated set of different data points of an organization. To increase the overall accuracy as well as efficiency of the ERP system, it needs to integrate with various business systems to extend its core functionality. So, what are you missing out on by not performing an ERP integration for accounts payable with Rillion?

Manual data and information entry are prone to error due to the fact that humans simply tend to make mistakes. This could lead to wrongfully inputted or missing customer and product data for invoices.

Manual data entry and communication takes time being sent back and forth between you and suppliers. Rillion allows for real-time data communication between all relevant parties leading to less drop-offs and a loss of revenue.

Rillion allows for AP automation and seamless ERP integration which streamlines and automizes the handling of invoices and contracts on several levels:

  • Capture > Capture invoice data from both paper or emailed invoices. 95% accuracy for paper, 100% accuracy for electronic files.
  • Approve > Invoice processing with mobile approval workflow
  • Match > PO matching engine automatically matches complex POs to Invoices and Goods Receipts
  • Archive & Audit > Complete audit trail and storage system

Why choose Rillion’s ERP integration software?

Flexible product integrations

The data integration process can often seem overwhelming. Our industry standard Rillion Integration Engine alleviates this burden with powerful integration capabilities built into a straightforward, easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Rillion has over 3,000 installed clients globally, all connected to one or more ERP, purchasing, or accounting system.

The Rillion Integration Engine interface offers several options to facilitate communications and data sharing between Rillion and your business system.

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