Towards 100% automation with AI & Analytics in Rillion

Automation is a time saver, which is on many people’s wish lists. At Rillion, we work hard to achieve just that – 100% automation of your AP process! In this webinar, we will take a look at our solution, Rillion Prime, and how we automate the processes surrounding invoice management. With our reporting tool, Rillion Analytics, you’ll get a clear overview of the entire process, highlights of the potential for further automation and also insights into payment and cash flows. We will explain how our AI engine works and the value it adds. Finally, we will showcase how one of our existing customers has taken a significant step towards 100% automation with the help of AI and Analytics. We look forward meeting you in the webinar!


  • What is Rillion Analytics
  • How to use Analytics in the AP process
  • How can AI assist you in automating your AP processes
  • Be inspired by how our customer Technopolis improved their AP processes using these tools in Rillion Prime

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The webinar is hosted by:
Maria Hult, Product Specialist at Rillion

Short presentation of today’s speaker:

Maria Hult works as a Product Specialist at Rillion. Over her 24 years at Rillion, Maria has held various positions, most of them focused on sales and product development. She is considered one of our top product experts and is a truly “go-to person” for both general inquiries about the AP process and for in-depth questions regarding our solution, Rillion Prime.