Power up with data-driven decisions!

Business intelligence (BI) is one of the hottest topics in financial management at the moment. With Rillion Analytics, a real-time reporting package, you make reporting life easier for not only Finance teams but also for Business Controllers and Line Managers. With this analytics tool, you can significantly improve performance, get actionable insights into your AP automation potential, forecast spending and cash flow, and assess risks in your supply chain. We will show you how to dive deep into insights and create advantages with our analytic report tool. Take the company’s automation journey to the next level and power up your automation strategy. We ensure you will be amazed at how easily you can get new fresh and actionable insights.

The webinar:

  • Demo of Rillion Analytics
  • Highlighting benefits of the reports
  • How and when to order

Some of the reports included in the new Rillion Analytics tool: Automation KPIs \’s, Spend reports, Cash flow reports, Payment days reports, and Geographic spread reports. In total, there are 13 reports.

Would you appreciate being able to drill down in data, create advantages and make decisions based on facts not guessing? If yes, join us in this webinar!

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