Accounts Payable Automation for Sage Intacct

Transform your accounts payable process with Sage Intacct AP automation. Integrate Rillion’s powerful platform and experience intelligent data capture, streamlined approval workflows, automated PO-matching, and more.

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Accounts Payable Automation for Sage Intacct

Accelerate and simplify Sage Intacct invoice management

Recurring invoices automation

Invoice Capture

Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry. Rillion efficiently captures every line detail from both paper and digital invoices, saving you time and effort.

Recurring invoices automation

Approval Workflow

Revolutionize your invoice, contract, and document approval process. Approvers can easily approve with a single click on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Payment by Rillion Pay


Rillion’s advanced automated PO-matching effortlessly links invoices and goods receipts to purchase orders, even for POs with hundreds of lines and multiple pages.

Recurring invoices automation

Recurring Invoices

Easily manage recurring invoices such as utility bills across multiple locations and automate self-billing for regular payments like rent.

Recurring invoices automation

Invoice Archive

Eliminate the need for physical filing cabinets or multiple digital folders. With Rillion, you get a cloud-based, searchable archive of both paid and current invoices.

Quickbooks Online

Audit Trail

Maintain a thorough, date-stamped audit trail for both internal and external auditing purposes, ensuring compliance and transparency.

Recurring invoices automation


Stay on top of service contracts and link them to invoices. Benefit from timely reminders and notifications for contract renewals with the self-billing feature.

Quickbooks Online

Sage Intacct Integration

Leverage pre-established integration to extend the capabilities of your ERP and achieve the highest level of Sage Intacct AP automation.

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Process invoices with ease through ACH, virtual credit card, wire, or electronic check, all while adhering to strict compliance measures.

Full visibility and control

AI-coding – Elevate your Sage Intacct AP experience

Let Rillion’s AI assistant swiftly learn how to code your non-PO invoices so you can focus on more valuable tasks. Watch the video to learn more about this cutting-edge feature!

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Tacala chooses Rillion for AP automation

Cypress Creek
“We manage nearly 300 solar sites. Each solar farm is its own company, and each installation has its own tax implications with our investors. We’re using Rillion for the audit function, to handle enquiries for all of these accounts.”

Automate your Sage Intacct invoice processing with Rillion’s powerful platform.

Rillion’s AP Automation Process for Sage Intacct AP


Rillion’s platform automatically interprets incoming invoices, extracting essential data using OCR and AI digital capture technologies. This includes processing various formats like paper, PDF, XML, Word, and other digital formats. Each invoice is identified based on the supplier, capturing vital details like supplier information, reference, total cost, and tax. Using supplier references and predetermined guidelines, the system suggests an appropriate approval workflow.

Spend less time managing Accounts Payable
Full visibility and control

Analytics & Reporting – Empower your finance teams with data-driven insights

Unlock actionable insights into your AP automation potential, forecast spending and cash flow, and evaluate supply chain risks with Sage Intacct AP automation.

World-class Sage Intacct AP Automation Platform

Rillion’s AP automation for Sage Intacct ensures real-time data exchange, automatically fetching necessary settings for invoice processing, such as suppliers, chart of accounts, and currencies.

Sage Intacct AP Automation for various industries and roles

By industry

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Automated PO-matching in Accounts Payable

Discover how automated PO-matching works in this video, showcasing how invoice matching can be automated using a Rillion’s AP automation for Sage Intacct.

What can Rillion’s AP automation for Sage Intacct do for your business?

Full visibility and control

Save time and money

Automated data entry, approval workflows, and payment processes reduce manual intervention, saving you time and resources.

Approval workflows

Improve accuracy

Sage Intacct AP automation minimizes human error risks in data entry, ensuring more accurate financial records.

Seamless integration to your ERP

Enhance efficiency

Automated invoice capture, approval workflows, and payment processing significantly boost your accounts payable department’s efficiency.

Recurring invoices automation

Better cash flow management

Achieve real-time visibility into payables, capitalize on early payment discounts, and avoid late payment fees.

AP Automation with advanced search functionality

Strengthen vendor relations

Ensure timely payments and foster improved relationships with suppliers for more favorable terms.

AI-supported AP automation

Enhanced security

In-built security measures like role-based access controls reduce unauthorized payment risks.

Automated PO matching

Scalable solution

Rillion scales with your business, handling higher invoice and payment volumes without needing additional staff.

Easy to use accounts payable automation

Compliance and reporting

Detailed transaction and approval records simplify compliance requirements and financial reporting.

Case Studies

Guides and Inspiration

Webinar On Demand: Creating a Touchless AP Process

Webinar: Creating a Touchless AP Process

Learn how organizations are transitioning to digital, creating a paperless AP process to reduce employee turnover, support growth, and increase profitability.


Rillion’s subscription includes Invoice Capture, Digital Approval Workflows, Invoice Archive, and ERP connection. The cost depends on the annual invoice processing volume. Additional features like AI-coding, Analytics & Reporting, PO-matching, and Recurring Invoice automation are available at a nominal extra charge.

Support is included for all Rillion customers. You can choose your support level. Enhanced support options are available at an additional charge. Read more about our support.

AP Automation simplifies supplier invoice handling by eliminating manual data entry and streamlining the approval workflow. Advanced AP Automation software also automates invoice matching against POs and contracts, saving time for businesses with many PO invoices.

AP Automation software saves time, reduces human error, increases efficiency, improves cash flow, strengthens vendor relations, enhances security, scales with your business, and simplifies compliance and reporting.

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