Onboarding process when buying a Rillion solution

The Rillion Onboarding Process

Once you sign up with Rillion for either Rillion One or Prime, we have a process that ensures client success and satisfaction. These processes are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible, while at the same time ensuring you have the training and development support you need.

Rillion One

For Rillion One, the Activation Team goes through all of the expectations of the product and connects your accounting software, such as QuickBooks.


Once you are happy with the approval workflow and how to import, approve and send an invoice to the accounting system for payment, the platform is activated and you are on your way.

After your company goes live we check in over the next 30 days to see how you are doing and make adjustments or recommendations as needed.

Rillion Prime

For Rillion Prime, an Implementation Project Manager generates a project and expectations review as well as a scope overview. Requirements are gathered and populated in a requirements spreadsheet document.

Project dates are assigned and a go-live date is determined based on the project scope and the people involved.


In weeks 3 to 6 environments are created, settings are applied, and the integration with your ERP is completed. Internal testing follows with super user training and testing both configuration and functionality.

Once the approved test system is completed a production environment is created. The production environment is tested with transactions, and once confirmed full invoice volumes are processed. For non-PO invoice processing only the time to go-live is reduced by 2 weeks.

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