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– Accounts Payable Automation

Automate your supplier invoices with a system that is user-friendly and fast. Rillion’s AP Automation solution seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Desktop. Eliminate manual invoice keying, approve invoices online and get a digital invoice archive. Find out for yourself how the Rillion QuickBooks Desktop integration can make your job easier!

Manage vendor invoices faster and easier with Rillion’s QuickBooks Desktop integration

Recurring invoices automation

Invoice Capture

Stop hand-keying invoice data into QuickBooks. Rillion’s accounts payable solution takes care of that for you.

Recurring invoices automation

Approval Workflow

Approvers approve their invoices on smartphones or laptops 24/7.

Quickbooks Online


Invoices are sent to QuickBooks Desktop for payment once they are processed and approved.

Recurring invoices automation

Advanced Search

Search for any word or number on an invoice, no matter where the words or numbers are located.

Recurring invoices automation

AI Assistant

Rillion’s AP automation for QuickBooks Desktop learns how to code your invoices to improve your accounts payable workflows.

Recurring invoices automation

Fast Setup

The setup of our QuickBooks Desktop integration with Rillion happens quickly. Be up and running with automated AP in few weeks.

Save time with automated vendor invoice processing for Quickbooks Desktop

Save Time

Rillion automates vendor payments in QuickBooks Desktop and speeds up accounts payable processing by:

  • Automatically capturing invoice information from scanned paper invoice and PDFs
  • Automated approval workflows to one or multiple approvers
  • Exceptions are flagged automatically
  • Approved invoices are automatically sent to QuickBooks Desktop for payment and recording

Improve Accuracy

When you combine the power of Rillion with QuickBooks, you can eliminate:

  • Human error
  • Inaccurate payment amount
  • Duplicate payments
  • Discrepancies between invoices and purchase orders
  • Lost or misplaced invoices
AP Automation that seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks Desktop
Dashboard of Invoice Automation platform Rillon One - with connector to Quickbooks Desktop

Improve Transparency

Rillion’s dashboard provides real-time reporting on all your accounts payable. You can:

  • See the big picture or drill down to any item
  • Spot bottlenecks in the approval process
  • Identify areas of non-compliance with business rules or spending policies
  • Get complete audit trails on every invoice

“What Rillion provides is great for what I need, and it has all the tools that I need in order to process all invoices and get them approved in line with my project managers and my account payables.”

Benefits with Rillion’s AP solution for QuickBooks Desktop

  • Easy to use
  • Automated invoice capture – no manual keying
  • Approval workflow to all your approvers
  • Searchable archive
  • Get started quickly
  • Unlimited users

AP Automation (Accounts Payable Automation) automates the capture of bill (vendor invoice) data so you don’t have to manually key the information into QuickBooks Online, automates the approval workflow, and creates a searchable invoice archive in the cloud so you can find a current or paid invoice fast.

Rillion has a support ticket system for all of your queries as well as a customer Activation Team that helps you set up and checks in within 30 days to see how the integration is working for you.

QuickBooks will be discontinuing QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Services, Live Support, Online Backup, Online Banking, and many other services available through the QuickBooks Desktop software May 31, 2023. As such, users will not receive critical security updates after June 1, 2023. Read more on QuickBooks website.

QuickBooks Desktop is a QuickBooks accounting software you install on your computer. QuickBooks Online is the cloud-based version of Desktop.

Automate accounts payable workflows in QuickBooks Desktop

Integration with QuickBooks Desktop is fast and you can be up and running quickly. Rillion’s accounts payable automation is fully integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, which means that everything you do in Rillion is automatically transferred into QuickBooks.

Settings are automatically retrieved from QuickBooks, with all registers that are needed to book an invoice, such as suppliers, chart of accounts and currencies. In addition to the invoices being coded to the correct account, project and cost center, you can also see the invoice image in both Rillion and QuickBooks.

Paper and emailed invoices are automatically entered into a central dashboard. Rillion automatically sends invoices to the proper approver by laptop or mobile. Approvers can view the invoice and approve with one click.

Rillion’s search engine gives you access to historical invoice data and a wide range of useful reports. Search on all invoice data – not only on accounts used or vendor name.

It’s quick and easy to get started with Rillion for Quickbooks Desktop

Imported from QuickBooks Desktop

  • Suppliers
  • Charts of account
  • Project
  • Cost center
  • VAT-codes

Invoice registration

  • Fully booked invoice in QuickBooks
  • Invoice image
  • Accrual
  • Reversed sales tax
  • Property VAT
Invoice data is transferred to Quickbooks Desktop via the integration

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With Rillion you get a cloud-based invoice automation solution that is lightning-fast to implement, simple to integrate with your existing accounting system, and easy to use right from day one. You’ll be up and running in only a few days, with minimal requirements on training, and support included from start to finish. Read more in our Product Brochure!

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