QuickBooks Online – AP Automation Integration

Automate your QuickBooks Online accounts payable and handling of vendor bills with Rillion. Our AP Automation solution is user-friendly and fast, and integrates with QuickBooks Online in just a few clicks.

Make managing and approving vendor bills with QuickBooks Online faster and easier

Recurring invoices automation

Invoice Capture

Stop hand-keying invoice data into QuickBooks. Rillion’s QuickBooks Online accounts payable solution takes care of that for you.

Recurring invoices automation

Approval Workflow

Approvers approve their invoices on smartphones or laptops 24/7.

Payment by Rillion Pay


Pay bills by ACH, virtual credit card, wire or electronic check. All with advanced compliance protection.

Recurring invoices automation

Advanced Search

Search for any word or number on an invoice, no matter where the words or numbers are located.

Quickbooks Online


Invoices are sent to QuickBooks Online for payment once they are processed and approved.

Recurring invoices automation

Fast Setup

The setup of our QuickBooks Online integration with Rillion happens quickly. Be up and running with automated AP in no time.

AI Coding

AI Assistant – Take automation to the next level

Rillion’s AI assistant quickly learns how to code your vendor bills, so you don’t have to.

Watch the video and see how it works!

Eliminate manual work.
Automate your vendor invoice process today.

How Rillion’s AP to QuickBooks Online Integration Works


Incoming vendor bills are automatically interpreted, and their data fields are captured using OCR and AI digital capture technologies. This process works for paper, PDF, XML, Word, or other digital formats. The system identifies each bill by the vendor and gathers essential information such as vendor data, reference, amount and tax. Based on supplier references and pre-established rules, the system proposes an approval workflow.

Spend less time managing Accounts Payable

How to set up the QuickBooks Online integration

The setup of our Quickbooks Online integration is lightning-fast to implement. Be up and running with automated AP tomorrow! See how easy it is to connect Rillion’s AP platform to Quickbooks Online.

World class accounts payable automation for QuickBooks Online

Rillion’s accounts payable automation is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online, which means that everything you do in Rillion is automatically transferred into QuickBooks. Settings are automatically retrieved from QuickBooks, with all registers that are needed to book a vendor bill, such as suppliers, chart of accounts and currencies. Do you you use another accounting system? Rillion also offers invoice automation Quickbooks for Desktop

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What can Rillion’s AP automation for QuickBooks Online do for your business?

Save time and money

Save time and money

By automating data entry, vendor bill approvals, and payment processing, AP automation can help reduce manual tasks, save time, and cut down on labor costs.

Improve accuracy

Improve accuracy

AP automation helps to minimize human errors in data entry, ensuring more accurate financial records. This leads to better decision-making and fewer discrepancies during audits.

Enhance efficiency

Enhance efficiency

With automated vendor bill capture, approval workflows, and payment processing, AP automation can help improve the overall efficiency of your accounts payable department.

Cash-flow Management

Better cash flow management

AP automation can provide real-time visibility into your payables, helping you manage your cash flow more effectively. You can take advantage of early payment discounts and avoid late payment fees, further benefiting your bottom line.

Improve vendor relationships

Improve vendor relationships

Timely and accurate payments foster better relationships with suppliers. AP automation helps ensure payments are made on time, leading to improved vendor relationships and potentially more favorable payment terms.

Security and fraud prevention

Enhanced security and fraud prevention

AP automation solutions often have built-in security features to help prevent fraud, such as role-based access controls and payment approval workflows. These features can reduce the risk of unauthorized or fraudulent payments.

Easy scalability

Easy scalability

As your business grows, AP automation can easily scale to accommodate increased volumes of vendor bills and payments, without the need for additional staffing or resources.

Improved compliance and reporting

Improved compliance and reporting

With AP automation, you can maintain detailed records of all transactions and approvals, making it easier to meet regulatory compliance requirements and generate accurate financial reports.

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With Rillion you get a cloud-based invoice automation solution that is lightning-fast to implement, simple to integrate with your existing accounting system, and easy to use right from day one. You’ll be up and running in only a few days, with minimal requirements on training, and support included from start to finish.

AP automation FAQs

Yes! Your vendor list will continue to be managed in QuickBooks and Rillion will check for any new vendors, or vendor updates on an automatic recurring basis. When a new vendor is added to QuickBooks or a change is made to an existing vendor, Rillion will import the data into our application for ease of vendor bill coding.

Yes, whether your company has multiple instances of QuickBooks or you’re an Accounting Firm with multiple QuickBooks clients, we’ve got you covered.

The process of connecting Rillion with QuickBooks Online is lightning-fast, and you will be up and running within a few minutes. Watch our video to see how easy it is.

Once you are connected, Rillion will communicate with QuickBooks Online to get all the information it needs such as vendor data, chart of accounts, and so on.

Vendor Bill Capture, Digital Approval Workflows, and connection to your accounting system (initial setup is done by a Rillion solution consultant). Our pricing is based on the annual volume of vendor bills to be processed. The AI-assistant is an add-on which comes with a small extra cost to the basic subscription.

Rillion has a support ticket system for all of your queries. As well we have a customer Activation Team that gets you set up and checks in within 30 days to see how you are doing.

AP Automation stands for Accounts Payable Automation. It automates the capture of vendor bill (vendor invoice) data so you don’t have to key the information into QuickBooks manually, automates the approval workflow so you don’t have to chase people down with emails and phone calls to have them approve vendor bills, and gives you a complete searchable vendor bill archive in the cloud so you can find a current or paid vendor bill fast.

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