Security at Rillion

Protecting the data and information of our customers and partners is important to us. We know you have questions about how we protect your information, so here we share details about some frequently asked questions about our information security.

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Data Center

We use data centers all over the globe, for details and services please go to our product listing to find out what is applicable for your service.

Application Security

We understand that software security is very important. We continuously scan our applications for vulnerabilities.

  • Encrypt all your data in transit and at rest
  • Have independent penetration tests conducted regularly with assistance from independent providers

Operational Security

Security is the responsibility of everyone who works at Rillion. We train our employees so that they can identify security risks and are aware of threats and how to mitigate them. Access to our systems and your data is restricted only to those who need access

Security - Organizational measures at Rillion

Organizational measures

  • We have established processes for how we should act in the event of a data breach
  • We hold regular training sessions for our employees on issues related to personal data processing
  • We have a Data Processing Agreement in place with all our suppliers and other interested parties who process personal data on our behalf.
  • We have established instructions for IT management within the organization.

Rillion Personnel

  • Background checks are conducted for our employees
  • Signed confidentiality agreements
  • On- and offboarding Termination/access removal processes when staff changes
Security - Rillion Personnel

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We have redundant, geographically separate data centers so that we can provide consistent services. In the event one of our data centers becomes unavailable, we fall back to a secondary location. Primary and secondary location for our services can be found in the detailed product listing.


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Rillion Prime Data security

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Rillion One Data Security

For data security in our Rillion One services please download the Whitepaper.