Client Information

Customer Brain Accounting
Branch Accounting Firm
Area Sweden
Processes automated Invoice processing and approval workflow
AP Solution Rillion (formerly Centsoft Invoice)

Easy to get started

Mattias Ryglert is Sub-ledger Manager at Brain Accounting, in charge of five others in his unit. He is also responsible for setting up clients’ companies and approval flows in Rillion. He said:

“We usually have a start-up meeting with new clients at which we demonstrate Rillion or hold a workshop to show them the functions and let them take a tour of the system. Then we usually add all their users in Rillion and send them the system manual.”

“My experience is that it’s extremely easy to get started. Clients quickly understand what they have to do. You get a clear overview with the dashboard in Rillion and you have a To Do list. If they want to do more detailed invoice searches, they may need a little more training.”

“The system is intuitive and clients quickly understand what to do.”
Mattias Ryglert, Sub-ledger Manager at Brain Accounting

Fast Setup

“It varies on how long it takes us to configure Rillion for clients. It depends on the complexity of their approval flows. Some clients have extremely complex approval flows that we need to work with continuously. However, setting up a standard company is very fast. I do that myself, including the integration with the client’s ERP system, in an hour.”

Easy to Use

“Clients usually feel at home with the system very quickly. How soon depends on how much time they spend working in the system. If we have new clients with more well-established finance and accounting functions, they usually have a controller, and they are usually up and running within two weeks and are by then able to find most of what they need in the system.

Works for Fast Growing Clients

Brain Accounting works with all types of clients but the vast majority are fast-growing service companies.
“They are usually entrepreneurial companies that come to us with a business concept that quickly takes off and then they realize that they need help with their accounting. We usually say that our target group is service companies with sales of between $1 Million and $10 Million, but there are also a few companies slightly above or below those figures.”

“The great thing is that we can scale with these companies’ growth. When they come to us, they are fairly small. As they grow, we can keep scaling up the systems or the number of employees we assign to them. If a client continues to grow, instead of setting up their own accounts department, they can employ a controller who works directly with us. We become the client’s accounts department, which works really well for both parties. We have many clients who have been with us for a very long time and have grown with us.”

Integration with ERPs

Mattias says that the biggest benefit for Brain Accounting as an accounting firm is that Rillion is compatible with so many ERP systems.

“Our clients have Centsoft integrated with Fortnox, Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV. Although we have 150 clients in different systems, we can bring together all their sub-ledgers in Centsoft. The biggest benefit for us as an accounting firm is that all our clients can be in one place.

“Centsoft can be linked to many different ERP systems, which allows us to have all our clients’ sub-ledgers in one place.”
Mattias Ryglert, Sub-ledger Manager at Brain Accounting

“Another advantage of the system is that you can configure Centsoft for companies in different industries, even fast-growing companies. We can quickly and easily make changes to clients’ approval flows as they grow.”

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