Located in Northern Ostrobothnia, the city of Kalajoki is known for tourism, agriculture, and metal industry, as well as its beautiful sand dunes.

Since 2022, the city of Kalajoki has improved its invoice processing with the help of Rillion. The city group consists of multiple companies where Rillion has been successfully implemented. The benefits are already clearly measurable.

Rillion serves as a partner in achieving cost efficiency.

The city of Kalajoki faced a challenge with a slow and manual invoice processing process. The goal was to achieve significant cost efficiency throughout the entire invoice process and free up employees’ time for expert work.

The city of Kalajoki implemented Rillion’s invoice system in different companies within the city group in 2022. The solution includes invoice automation and integrated artificial intelligence.

As a municipal sector operator, the city of Kalajoki had specific requirements for the invoice system. Rillion was customized agilely according to the customer’s wishes, including the addition of new VAT rates and identification fields needed only for invoice processing in the municipal sector.

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Automation of invoice processing, integrated artificial intelligence

“It was important for us to choose the best partner for collaboration to ensure the best possible outcome and achieve our efficiency goals. We believe that Rillion is the best choice because Rillion has put all their efforts into developing invoice automation.”

The benefits brought by Rillion to the business are already measurable.

The benefits brought by Rillion to the business are already measurable. The city of Kalajoki’s main goal was to reduce the manual work of financial experts and increase cost efficiency and time for expert work. Measurable benefits have already been achieved.

“The time spent on invoice processing in the city group’s companies has clearly decreased. Previously, it took up to an hour to allocate one invoice, while now Rillion does it in seconds. The possibilities for automation have been well thought out and work for various types of invoices,” says Männistö.

Männistö also highlights the benefit that Rillion has helped the city of Kalajoki update its own operating model according to best practices. According to her, the benefits have been observed not only within the financial management but also outside of it.

“Thanks to Rillion’s functionality and analytics features, our company CEOs can easily see the overall situation of invoices. The view of invoices has improved, and processing time has undoubtedly shortened.”

Maximizing automation with integrated artificial intelligence.

The city of Kalajoki wanted the invoice system to utilize AI for automation. AI works alongside matching and rules, enabling the highest possible degree of invoice automation.

Rillion’s solution includes integrated artificial intelligence, which allows for fast adoption of AI without requiring third-party integrations.

“An important criterion in the selection of the AI solution was an integrated solution, meaning there is no need for multiple suppliers. Rillion has the strongest development path in this regard,” says Männistö.

Praise for support, expertise, and user-friendly interface.

Männistö gives credit to Rillion for their excellent support and expertise. Users have also given great feedback on the clear and user-friendly interface:
Working with Rillion is clear and fast thanks to the good user interface. Only brief training was needed. Users have praised the system,” says Männistö.

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