Sage X3 – Accounts Payable Automation

Rillion provides full control over your incoming vendor invoices with Sage X3 accounts payable automation. Ensure full visibility into invoice approval status and PO-matching statistics.

  • Intelligent data capture
  • Approval workflows
  • Automated PO-matching
  • Searchable invoice archive
  • Time-stamped audit trail

Manage and approve invoices in Sage X3 faster and easier

Recurring invoices automation

Invoice Capture

Rillion captures all line items and manages both mailed and emailed invoices.

Recurring invoices automation

Approval Workflow

Streamline the approval workflow for invoices, contracts, and documents. Approvers can approve with one click on their phone or laptop, wherever they are.

Recurring invoices automation


Our automated PO-matching connects purchase orders to invoices and goods receipts, processing POs with hundreds of lines and multiple pages.

Recurring invoices automation

Recurring Invoices

Manage recurring invoices. Facilitate self-billing for items.

Recurring invoices automation

Invoice Archive

Search for both paid and current invoices in a cloud-based invoice archive. Say goodbye to filing cabinets or multiple digital folders.

Quickbooks Online

Audit Trail

Maintain a complete, time-stamped audit trail for both internal and external investigations.

Recurring invoices automation


Manage service contracts and match them to invoices. Get reminders and notifications with self-billing.

Quickbooks Online

Sage X3 Integration

Enjoy a pre-built integration, extending capabilities and enabling a high level of Sage X3 AP automation.

Payment by Rillion Pay


Pay invoices via ACH, virtual credit card, wire, or electronic check, all with advanced compliance protection.

How Rillion’s Sage X3 AP Integration Works


Incoming invoices are automatically interpreted, with their data fields captured using OCR and AI digital capture technologies. This applies to paper, PDF, XML, Word, or other digital formats.

The system identifies each invoice by the supplier, gathering essential information such as supplier data, reference, amount, and tax.

Based on supplier references and pre-established rules, the system proposes an approval workflow.

Spend less time managing Accounts Payable

What can Rillion’s AP automation for Sage X3 do for your business?

Full visibility and control

Save time and money

By automating data entry, supplier invoice approvals, and payment processing.

Approval workflows

Improve accuracy

Minimize human errors in data entry, ensuring more accurate financial records.

Seamless integration to your ERP

Enhance efficiency

With automated invoice capture, approval workflows, and payment processing.

Recurring invoices automation

Better cash flow management

Gain real-time visibility into your payable. Take advantage of early payment discounts and avoid late payment fees.

AP Automation with advanced search functionality

Improve vendor relationships

Timely and accurate payments foster better relationships with suppliers.

AI-supported AP automation

Enhanced security and fraud prevention

Rillion has multiple built-in security features, including role-based access controls and payment approval workflows.

Automated PO matching

Easy scalability

Rillion can easily scale to accommodate increased volumes of invoices and payments.

Easy to use accounts payable automation

Improved compliance and reporting

Rillion’s AP automation for Sage X3 helps you maintain detailed records of all transactions and approvals.

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Tacala chooses Rillion for AP automation

“With our contracts being matched to vendor invoices for over 300 locations, Rillion has reduced our manual workload and really optimized our AP operations.”

Get started quickly with Rillion Prime and Sage X3

Scalable solution

Rillion Prime

Electronic invoice management and purchase-to-pay for larger organizations with high demands on automation.

  • Invoice Capture (OCR)
  • Invoice Approval Workflows
  • AI Coding
  • PO-Matching
  • Recurring invoice automation
  • Document Management
  • Audit trail software
  • Payments as a Service
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Purchase to pay
  • E-invoicing
  • Seamless integration to ERP/accounting system

Rillion – AP automation for your peace of mind

  • We are experts with over 30 years in the industry

  • Trusted by customers in over 50 countries

  • 96% of Rillion customers feel that the platform fulfills expectations

  • 95% consider Rillion to be a worthwhile investment

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