Grow Client Revenue with a Proven SaaS Model

Rillion automates your clients’ accounts payable process

  • Software captures vendor invoices automatically
  • Mobile approval workflows to team members
  • AI enabled and easy to use
  • Manage multiple clients in one dashboard
Rillion automates your clients’ accounts payable process

Create recurring revenue and boost sales to your clients with an AP automation cloud software that is easy to use, easy to sell, and easy to setup.

Benefits for Accounting Firms

Recurring invoices automation

One login – access to all your clients

You get all your clients in one system and can easily choose which client you want to work with by selecting from the company list.

Recurring invoices automation

Unlimited number of users

There are no licensing costs! Set up as many user accounts as your client’s need – for both authorizers and administrators.

Recurring invoices automation

Simple integrations

Rillion has ready-made integrations for popular accounting systems. This makes it easy to connect your customers regardless of which system they use.

Recurring invoices automation

User-friendly interface

Getting started is quick with our user-friendly interface. It’s easy to understand how to code and approve an invoice.

Recurring invoices automation

Smart search function

Quickly find all your client’s invoices, even those that have been paid and posted. You can also search for any keyword or other information contained in the invoice.

Recurring invoices automation

Support included

Our support is staffed by experts with extensive experience. Local and personalized support in the US.

Recurring invoices automation

Complete control

Get full control over your clients’ invoices – with minimal effort. In just a few clicks, you can always see an invoice – regardless of its status.

Recurring invoices automation

Free up time

Rillion automates time-consuming tasks. This frees up time so you can spend more time on value-added tasks.

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Rillion automates the processing of supplier invoices, from scanning and capturing the invoice data to authorization and coding.

Final approved invoices are transferred to the client’s accounting system via our seamless integration.

Payment information is transferred back to Rillion where the invoices remain searchable forever.

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Integrations are the key to success for seamless operations.

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Meet our expert – Camilla

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Do you love it when a customer comes in with a shoebox full of invoices and receipts? We don’t! We know there are more fun things than keying invoice information manually. Our job is to make your job easier!

Welcome to watch this webinar where Camilla, with 12 years of experience as an accountant, goes through the benefits of using Rillion in your accounting office.

Easy for customers to approve invoices

Increase the level of service and quality your customers expect.

  • Invoice data from both mailed and emailed invoices is captured by the software
  • An email is sent to your clients’ approvers when there is an invoice to approve. They can perform the approval 24/7 on phone, tablet or desktop
  • Leave notes and communicate with clients directly in the system
  • Searchable invoice archive in the cloud

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