During the last five years Palette has acquired companies keeping the original setup but from February 5th we´re all united in one new visual identity. By reshaping our appearance, we go to market as one company offering AP Automation to anyone worldwide – no matter size, industry, or ERP system.

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Palette – Created by AP Professionals for AP Professional

As one company with joined forces we are taking our successful cloud products to the next level of AP Automation. For ambitious businesses who want to unlock the true value of accounts payable, Palette automates the entire process, enabling finance professionals to thrive and the business to do more, faster, with less.

You see, our solutions are 100% focused on delivering precisely the capabilities our customers need – no more, no less. We can do this because our team has over 20 years’ experience making accounts payable faster, easier and a whole lot more enjoyable for thousands of customers. It’s in our blood.

Ultimately, whether you want a streamlined ready to go system based on the latest best practice or a powerful solution to automate your entire accounts payable process – we can help.

Palette – Your invoices, our expertise

Palette accounts payable automation software delivers everything you need, and nothing you don’t. We can do this because Palette is built on the in-depth expertise of accounts payable professionals who understand exactly how to remove friction from the entire invoice management process.

With Palette, you get a cloud-based solution that’s lightning-fast to implement, simple to integrate with your existing ERP, and easy to use right from day one. More than this, you get a solution with invoice automation best practice built in as standard – from how you capture invoice data and approvals to getting approved invoices into your ERP system. Ultimately it means your finance team can deliver maximum value for minimal effort.

Palette – Accounts Payable Automation for AP Professionals

Built on modern accounts payable best practices and our experience of helping companies worldwide, with Palette you can automate and optimise so that invoice processing is reduced to a minimum. With Palette you get flexible data capture, requisitions management, class-leading matching capabilities, and an intuitive approvals workflow. Plus, we’ll give you all the data and insights you need to streamline your accounts payable even further, freeing your people to do their best work on the things that really matter. More about Palette

A better way to manage your invoices

And if you require extra help, our local support teams and knowledgeable consultants are ready and waiting to assist. Doesn’t that sound like a better way to manage your invoices?

We hope you like the new Palette. Keep posted – more news to come!

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