Let’s agree that when you have a vacation, you really want to optimize it for relaxation. In Rillion, there are several features that can definitely contribute to a better vacation with a focus on peace of mind.

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Temporary users

Over the summer you might be relying on temporary staff to help out in the accounts payable department. As such you should consider making use of Rillion’s “Temporary users” function. This enables you to delegate a role or inbox to another user who can help to handle the invoices, requisitions, agreements or expenses to be approved. You also set up substitute management in multiple steps: one person takes responsibility for my inbox from YYMMDD to YYMMDD, and then the inbox is delegated to another user from YYMMDD to YYMMDD.

It is also possible to use multi-step substitute management, where a person takes responsibility for the inbox for a certain period, then transfer to another person for a different period.

Even if you have a substitute for your role you can still log in to view or process your Rillion tasks if you wish. Furthermore, after the holiday you can search for invoices, contracts, requisitions or expenses that have been handled by the substitute.


Sometimes temporary summer staff do not have the same level of knowledge and competence as permanent employees.

By increasing the proportion of e-invoices arriving in your system you reduce the risk of manual error because all the data is entered just as the supplier has sent it.

It might be optimistic to start sending and receiving e-invoices a couple of weeks before summer holidays kick in, so it’s best to plan the project well in advance for the next holiday period.

Recurring invoices

If you use our Contracts module, you can automate the process of recurring invoices. Set up rules for these recurring invoices and ensure approval of the entire contract before the summer. The system can then match, allocate costs, and approve these invoices – as long as they don’t deviate from pre-determined tolerance levels. Approved invoices are transferred to the business system for payment and final booking – completely automatically.

For those who have to work while on vacay

For many managers and employees, it may not be possible to delegate all tasks. Invoices and purchases may still need to be approved even during the summer, and in that case, it’s very convenient to be able to do it directly on your mobile. If you have our mobile solution, all users can manage their invoices and requisitions directly on their mobile devices. For customers who have migrated to the cloud, mobile access is included in the basic license. With Rillion’s mobile interface, it’s easy to approve, allocate costs, leave comments, update the workflow, and handle deliveries even from the beach or cabin. Let’s not leave invoices on hold.