We already scan invoices – why should we switch to Centsoft Automation?

Scanning is just part of the process of processing supplier invoices. Centsoft Automation enhances the efficiency of all stages of the process, from incoming invoices through OCR and approval to automatic transfer to your bookkeeping system. It also offers you a lot of other smart functionality that makes your life even easier.

User friendliness is another reason. Many of our clients have switched to Centsoft Automation from other systems because they find Centsoft Automation much easier to use.

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Is it worth it to us to buy Centsoft Automation?

You can save time and money by digitising your supplier invoice processing, particularly if you currently process invoices manually – receive paper invoices, copy them, code them and stamp them and enter them into your bookkeeping system. It also helps if you sometimes miss invoices that have been lost or are late, or if you spend time looking for old invoices.

If you already have a system for invoice processing, you can still increase your efficiency. How much depends on the efficiency gains provided by your current system, how well it matches up with your working methods and how easy it is to use.

 Why should we choose Centsoft Automation?

Because it is the most modern solution for processing supplier invoices on the market today. Our ambition is always to be ahead of the pack. This means time and cost savings for you. It also means that you can keep on developing your accounting processes. Using Centsoft Automation gives you access to smart new ways of working that give you more control, reduce errors, save time, eliminate the need to look for invoices and make work more enjoyable.

These are some of the comments we often receive from our clients:

“We have saved so many hours”

“There are far fewer errors”

“It is easy to learn to use and new staff can start working with it straight away”

“Centsoft are fast and they listen. You get a response from Support straight away”

What makes Centsoft different from other systems?

The answer to this question depends on the system you compare it to, but most other systems do not offer solutions for all stages of invoice processing.

For example, Centsoft offers automatic invoice coding and approval of recurring invoices. A free text field for searching all invoice content is another unique function that makes it extremely quick to find old invoices. Easy listing of invoice attachments at the end of a project is a third function.

Another important difference is its user friendliness. We work hard to make the menus clear, the layout intuitive and the flows as smooth as possible. For example, it is very important that the approval flow is easy for managers, so that the approval procedures function smoothly and efficiently.

Is there anything that Centsoft lacks that other supplier invoice processing systems have?

No, not that we are aware of.

Will Centsoft work with my ERP system?

Yes, Centsoft Automation works with all ERP systems: Hogia, Visma, Pyramid, SoftOne, fdt, Exicom, Garp, Fortnox, Mamut, eE, Vitec, Hansaworld, Biljant, E-conomic, Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, Björn Lundén Information, Ad, etc. Here is a complete list.

How long does it take to get up and running?

We integrate and configure the systems for you. The lead time from order to delivery is usually two weeks, and there is no work involved for you as the client. During installation, we take care of all the basic settings in the system and adapt it to your working methods. As controller and our client, you need to spend two hours going through what you need to know about the system.

Many people are surprised that it takes so little time. The client used to need to do some initial work to set up rules for automatic approval flows. However, as we introduce ever more artificial intelligence, the system learns by itself gradually.

How many clients does Centsoft have?

We have a few thousand clients, and more than 10,000 people use Centsoft Automation every day. We are constantly growing. Our number of clients grew by 30% last year, and the number of invoices processed in our system grew by more than 50%.

For what companies is Centsoft Automation suitable?

From the very start, Centsoft Automation was built to suit companies of all sizes in all industries. Our smallest client is a sole proprietorship with 350 invoices a year. Our biggest client processes over 70,000 invoices a year.

Here are some of our clients: Webhallen, DesignHouse, Eins Consulting, DreamHack, Västberga Åkeri.

Many accounting firms also choose Centsoft Invoice so that they can serve their clients more efficiently.

What does Centsoft Automation cost?

You pay an initial charge for Centsoft’s AP Automation, after which the number of invoices you process each year determines the cost. Send us an email stating the number of invoices you process each year and the ERP system you have and we will get back to you with pricing details.