Accountor help their customers with accounting services, HR/payroll and business consulting. They use Rillion’s AP software to manage their customers’ vendor invoices, and they see a great value in the collaboration with Rillion.

“The partnership is really important for us. It’s everything. It has a big impact on our day-to-day work,” Alexandra Eggertson, Team Manager at Accountor, explains.

About Accountor

Accountor offers accounting, HR and interim services as well as business consulting. Their customers include large real estate companies, but also many small businesses from a wide range of business sectors. Accountor has 10 offices in Sweden, is present in 5 more countries and has 2,500 employees across all markets.

Advantage with Cloud-based AP software

Accountor has used Rillion (formerly Palette) for a long time, to manage their customers’ vendor invoices. In order to offer their customers a smoother and quicker process for receiving upgrades of the software, they chose to go cloud based. Now they avoid spending extra hours on implementing system upgrades – something that previously required service windows and consultancy costs.

“Our collaboration with Rillion has grown since we migrated to the cloud. Rillion has offered their competence, staff, and time, to really make this collaboration great. So we’re very pleased with Rillion,” says Alexandra Eggertson, Team Manager at Accountor.

She emphasizes that it’s very important for Accountor to have such a great partner as Rillion, a partner they can rely on. Alexandra’s colleague, Erika Gardelin, also Team Manager, adds:

“I think Rillion is a great solution for all kinds of customers. Both real estate customers and smaller businesses. It doesn’t matter if you have 50, 100, or 10,000 invoices per month.”

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Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Ukraine

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Process automated with Rillion

AP Automation with Invoice Capture, Recurring Invoice Automation and Approval Workflow

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Rillion Prime

“If we hadn’t had that personal contact and understanding, it would just be a system. And Rillion is much more than just a system.”

Streamlined AP Processes with Rillion

Accountor has analyzed how their vendor invoice process has been streamlined over time. The result is clear – they have decreased the handling time per invoice by four minutes.

For a real estate company receiving thousands of vendor invoices every month, the time saving is huge.

More time for Advisory

Accountor has high expectations to dedicate more time to business consulting and not only help customers with accounting and coding. They see a growing demand for data analysis and would like to further develop this area of competence.

”We see great opportunities with AI-coding to further speed up the AP processes for our customers,” Eggertson explains.

She emphasizes that the partnership with Rillion is super important for Accountor to further develop and streamline accounts payable processes.

The partnership with Rillion is super important for Accountor to further streamline AP processes

Rillion Analytics

Eggertson believes Rillion’s new functionality for Analytics and Reporting will be a valuable add-on for customers with purchase departments.

“If you want to analyze which vendors you buy from, review purchases per vendor, from different geographical areas, or per product, then I think Analytics would be really useful,” she comments.

She thinks Analytics could be very valuable for customers’ purchasing professionals, but also for an internal accounts payable department.

“It will be easier to identify bottle necks and deviations in the AP process. If you notice a specific role reposting an invoice 1,000 times per year, it becomes urgent to correct that step in the process. Because it shouldn’t be like that,” concludes Alexandra Eggertson.

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