Minimani is a Finnish retail chain that sells daily consumer goods and household items. Its turnover was approximately 145 million euro in 2021, and the company employs about 400 people.

Challenges with PO invoices

Petri Hangasluoma, CFO of Minimani, explains that the company faced challenges with a large number of PO invoices and a work intensive and slow handling process. Minimani’s previous invoice processing solution was outdated and did not meet the company’s needs. An additional challenge in the invoice handling was that each of the five stores handled its invoices separately.

At the same time as invoice volumes were already increasing significantly, Minimani opened a new store in Rovaniemi, which would bring an additional 20,000 invoices per year to be processed. Because of this, Minimani decided to acquire a new, modern invoice processing solution, and chose Rillion Prime (formerly Palette).

Rillion automates the processing of PO invoices by matching large invoice volumes and line items against purchase orders. With Rillion, invoice handling is now centralized in one system.

The impact of efficient invoice automation extends throughout the organization

Rillion has brought clear benefits to Minimani: Efficiency has increased significantly as costs have decreased.

Customer Information


Minimani – a Finnish hypermarket retail chain





Business System

Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV)





Process automated with Rillion

Invoice automation, contract management and PO matching

“Rillion Prime allows us to decide for ourselves the best and most efficient way to process invoices. It was important to find a great, modern solution, and a provider that offers services in Finnish.”

“During the time we have used Rillion Prime, the number of invoices has nearly doubled, but at the same time, the number of people processing them has decreased by several individuals. Rillion has greatly enhanced the process of handling invoices. The user experience has also improved significantly”, says Petri Hangasluoma.

Rillion solved Minimani’s PO invoice challenges

The impact of Rillion Prime is visible in the daily work of the entire finance team:

“From a finance perspective, the benefit is that invoice processing is now much smoother. Rillion Prime offers various features that enable further development and streamlining of operations. One significant aspect regarding smoothness, and efficiency of invoice processing, has been the ability to organize work roles in the best possible way to simplify the workflow,” comments Teija Hautamäki, Minimani’s Chief Accountant.

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