Client Information

Customer Smiles First
Branch Healthcare
Area Toronto, Canada
ERP NetSuite
Processes automated Invoice capture, invoice processing and approval workflow
AP Solution Rillion (formerly Centsoft Invoice)

High volume of vendor invoices

The accounts payable team was having issues with the volume of vendor invoices it was processing each month. The company receives invoices from multiple practices and the data from each invoice had to be entered manually into NetSuite.

Invoices were then loaded into Sharepoint. Both the manual data entry and the filing of invoices in Sharepoint took up a considerable amount of time.

Invoice Dashboard Overview

Smiles First has an overview of all their monthly expenses, showing percentages by supplier. They can also see where invoices are in the approval process.

“I like that with Rillion you see a pie chart of the expenses. So each month I can see that at a quick glance… which is nice, you know each day when I go through entering/posting the invoices I kind of look at that to see where we’re at.”
– Nikki Milian, Accounting Manager at Smiles First


Smiles First can see each practice’s business expenses and produce a report.

“Each practice I can look and say: Ok, this is what the expenses have been for the month, so far. It’s probably ninety percent accurate of what the expenses are for the month, which is good.”


Previously suppliers would send invoices to the AP team email address where a team member would have to categorize and sort them to put into Sharepoint.
Suppliers now send invoices to a specified Rillion email address. Invoice data is automatically captured in the cloud and the scanned invoices show up in the Rillion dashboard with data fields populated within 5 minutes of receipt.

“That kind of surprised me (invoice data capture) how it can pick up because every invoice is different, it’s not like every invoice is the same format — every invoice has a different format. So, that was interesting to see that. ”
– Nikki Milian, Accounting Manager at Smiles First Corporation

Integration with NetSuite

Rillion is fully integrated with NetSuite, which means that everything you do in Rillion is automatically transferred to the ERP.

Settings are automatically retrieved from NetSuite, including all registers that are needed to book an invoice such as suppliers, chart of accounts and currencies.

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