AP Automation for CFO

Accounts Payable Automation is not just about automating your supplier invoices. By digitizing the AP process, you get better control of upcoming costs and full visibility of approval cycle times.

Accounts Payable Automation for CFO
The CFO at JC Decaux Finland chose Rillion for AP Automation

JCDecaux Finland automates the purchase to pay process

“We chose Rillion’s AP Automation solution for its diverse functionalities and user-friendliness. Rillion’s AP solution has been developed through long experience and combined into one perfect offering.”

Tuula Laukkarinen ǀ CFO at JCDecaux Finland Oy

Financial Control

A digital process for AP Automation gives you a complete overview of payables, improving the quality of your financial reporting. Get a clear picture of which transactions are linked to a certain supplier, account, or project.

Data from our AP solution is updated in real time and you can always drill down to a specific transaction, invoice or supplier when you need more facts.

The system is easy to configure according your business rules and company policy. Have confidence compliance is being met.

With digital AP processes, the CFO gets a full overview of payables in real time
AP Automation Benefits for CFOs - Guide

AP Automation Benefits for CFOs

As the CFO, your focus is based on the financial performance of the entire organization. You rely heavily on your team to provide complete and accurate data in a timely fashion. Before implementing an accounts payable automation solution, here is how you might spend your day – and what the experience is like afterwards.

Increased Productivity

Rillion streamlines the processing of supplier invoices by completely eliminating time-consuming manual tasks. Free up time for the AP team and make it easier to approve invoices for the entire organization.

Intelligent Invoice Capture

Using AI and capture automation, data is intuitively extracted from both paper and emailed invoices.

Email approvals

Offer simple email approvals for your executives and remote access for any staff working out of office.

Efficient approval workflow

The system sends out all incoming invoices to a pre-set approval workflow.

More automation

Add functionality for recurring invoices, PO matching and automated account postings.

Seamless integration with your ERP

Rillion integrates with popular ERPs. Our success team will get you up and running with your accounting system.

Searchable Archive and Audit Function

Invoice Data Capture

Rillion’s capture solution ensures you eliminate paper completely. Whether invoices are received as paper or email formats, the data is captured quickly and efficiently. No manual data entry is required.

Efficient AP Workflow

Rillion automatically sends invoices to the proper approver, according to pre-set rules. If needed you add approvers to an existing workflow with ad-hoc routing.

One click approvals with Rillion’s Invoice Automation
Automated PO Matching with Rillion

Automated PO Matching

Match vendor invoices to internal or external purchase orders and goods receipts. Our Cascading Matching engine automatically matches hundreds of lines – saving you time, money and resources.

Archive & Audit

A step-by-step history of invoice transactions is recorded, including communications between internal staff and suppliers. Rillion creates a complete searchable invoice archive for reference and auditing purposes.

Searchable Archive and Audit Function

Don’t take our word for it

"Rillionin ansiosta säästämme jo pelkästään ostolaskujen käsittelyjen eri vaiheissa puolet työajasta kuukausittain. Kaikki tämä rutiinitöiden automatisoinnilla säästetty aika saadaan suoraan hyödyksi päiväkotien johtamiseen ja kasvatustyöhön sekä hallinnossa varsinaiseen tarkoituksien mukaisiin asiantuntija- ja tukitehtäviin. "

Mike Larsén | Touhula

Heli Matero

"Koimme että meidän on hyvä valita ostolaskujen käsittelyyn paras mahdollinen toimittaja, ja niin me teimme. Rillionissa on monipuoliset ominaisuudet, integraatio on ollut helppoa rakentaa, implementaatio on kevyt ja kaikille käyttäjille on yhteinen käyttöliittymä."

Heli Matero | Technopolis

"Globaalin ostolaskuratkaisun käyttöönoton myötä on implementoitu konsernin yhtenäinen toimintamalli. Tämä toimintamalli yhdessä Rillionin ratkaisun kanssa takaa sen, että koko hankinnasta maksuun -prosessi on tehokasta."

Juho Häkkinen | Lindström

Jouko Peltonen

"Konsulttiyhteistyö on aina erittäin tärkeää ja meillä on ollut onni saada hyvä konsultti mukaan Rillionilta. Hän on ollut hyvin tavoitettavissa, hän ymmärtää haasteemme ja osaa tuoda myös omaa näkemystään niihin asioihin, mihin sitä kaipaamme. Olemme kyllä todella tyytyväisiä yhteistyöhön."

Jouko Peltonen | Technopolis

"Meillä oli osaava konsultti ja oma ostoreskontratiimi, joka mahdollisti laajat, monipuoliset koulutukset koko organisaatiolle. Sovellus on myös helppokäyttöinen ja se omalta osaltaan helpotti tiedon omaksumista."

Leena Joki | Hartela

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How CFOs can benefit from AP Automation

Give your company a user-friendly system for invoice processing and invoice approvals.

For finance, resources are freed up when manual repetitive tasks are eliminated, while the entire organization will save time with an easy to use invoice approval process.

Invoices can be reviewed and approved via remote access by simple email approval or directly from a mobile phone.

Trusted by banks
Rillion’s solution is trusted by banks and financial institutions in the US and Europe. Accreditations in the US include SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, and PEPPOL.

Automation from invoice reception to payment
Our solution receives invoices in multiple formats, including physical mail, images, email, fax, PDF documents, EDI, and XML. It uses advanced OCR technology to bring your data into digital form.

Rillion provides flexible approval workflows without coding costs. Invoices are sent out in a pre-set approval workflow where you can have multiple approvers if needed.

The matching and workflow rules determine how the invoice is processed in your organization that limits touchpoints.

Easy integration to your ERP
Rillion has been designed for easy integration to different ERPs and accounting systems. Today we offer connectors to 50+ different ERPs and new standard integrations are added continuously.

Ease your reporting and give your company the best possible AP strategy by connecting seamlessly to your ERP.

Rillion has over 3,500 installed clients globally, all connected to one or more ERP, purchasing, or accounting system. Read more about ERP Integration.

Rillion – AP automation for your peace of mind

Rillion provides accounts payable automation (AP Automation) to organizations in over 50 countries worldwide. We get high ratings for ease of use and great support. 96% of Rillion customers feel that the platform fulfills expectations, and 95% consider Rillion to be a worthwhile investment.

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