• AP Appreciation Week
  • November 7-11 2022

Let’s honor and lift our fantastic heros in AP!

Welcome to our Rillion AP Appreciation Week. This week took place in the beginning of November and was a great success. Keep your eyes open for more upcoming events like this.

This week is all about honoring everyone who works in Accounts Payable and their dedicated and hard work to keep the business running. Take the opportunity to lift up a colleague or peer by doing a shout out on social media or give your whole AP team a well deserved coffee break. Let’s celebrate the hard working people of AP the week of November 7th!

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Let’s celebrate AP!

Would you like to honor a colleague or give yourself some well deserved appreciation?
Join us in our Rillion AP Appreciation week for an opportunity to win cool prizes and celebrate your team’s hard work by signing up to one (or why not all?) initiatives.

Haven’t tried Rillion yet? Not to worry, join us in our AP Appreciation week anyway. There’s plenty of time to get in touch later and get to know our solution.

Thank you for joining us in showing AP the appreciation they deserve!