Advanced Invoice Search

– for Small and Midsize Business

The search feature in Rillion One gives you complete control over invoices and invoice data. Finance staff and approvers benefit from both simple and advanced functions to obtain exactly the information that’s requested.

Find current and paid invoice data fast

Rillion accounts payable automation has both simple and advanced search functionality for invoices and invoice data. With Simple Search, you search in traditional fields such as supplier and coding information. Search any data on an invoice, meaning you can search for any word, number, or combination thereof.

Find current invoice data fast with Rillion’s advanced invoice search
Search for invoice data in a PDF - it’s possible with Rillion

Merge PDF

Select the invoices to be merged into one PDF. Download a PDF that contains all the invoices that were selected.

Columns in the search result

By clicking on the column icon, individual users can choose what they want to see in their search results. An invoice administrator may want to see different columns than an approver, for instance.

Report feature

Get a clear view of transactions that are linked to a certain dimension, for example, supplier, account or project.

With Rillion’s invoice search feature you get a clear view of transactions in one click

Instead of hunting through either physical folders or folders on a computer or cloud application, finance administrators and business owners can search for any data on a current or paid invoice and locate it immediately.

Search for any data on an invoice. Select several invoices and merge them into one PDF. Choose which columns you want to see in your search results. Get a clear view of transactions linked to a certain supplier, account or project.

Rillion One

Made for small and midsize businesses

For companies striving to be quick and agile. Rillion One is easy to use and fast to set up.

  • Invoice Capture (OCR)
  • Invoice Approval Workflows
  • AI assisted coding
  • Payments as a Service
  • Advanced Search
  • Fast Setup
  • Seamless integration to ERP/accounting system

“Rillion One is easy to use and quick to set up. Start using the solution in just days!”

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