In this blog (part of a series) we show how Rillion’s software with AP financial reporting makes a difference to the CEO in an automotive manufacturing firm. The series highlights how the technology can impact all of the people purchasing and invoice processing touches, empowering roles in the organization with transparency and accountability.

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You’re very far removed from the actual manufacturing process and your focus is on the future – making sure the company is in the best position for growth. You’re responsible for formulating and implementing the strategic plan that guides the direction of the entire organization.

You don’t have patience for financial analysis that changes due to errors or other miscalculations.

You may not have a lot of confidence in the reporting that is being provided to you. Given a choice, you’d rather look forward to the future, rather than on what’s happened in the past.


Financial reporting is accurate and not reliant on human intervention and stopgaps.

“The entire organization is more productive, transactions are visible, and there is more accountability.”

You’re forecasting with confidence because you are relying on live data – not dated results from amalgamated spreadsheets. You are finding one click email approvals are efficient and fast. It’s a process of opening a message and approving the expenditure right away, without having to learn a new program.

This series is excerpted from our Whitepaper on the Benefits of Purchase to Pay.