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In this blog series we show how Rillion Purchase to Pay automation has made a difference, role by role, to the people in an automotive manufacturing firm. It highlights how the technology can impact all of the people purchasing and invoice processing touches, empowering roles in the organization with transparency and accountability.

These scenarios highlight the importance of implementing a solution that has the flexibility to match the culture and complexity of the AP automation process. Many organizations have variables such as multiple locations, multiple ERPs, multiple currencies, and separate business processes.

Software vendors in our space will often talk about the ROI of a P2P automation solution. That has merit, but instead of revisiting metrics such as processing time and dollars saved we would like to highlight the experience. In other words, exploring the day to day before and after” user experience that all the roles AP touches. While some of these benefits can’t be calculated into direct savings, they are important in terms of employee satisfacton and business process efficiency.

CEO –CEOs Benefit from AP Financial Reporting

CFO – 5 Ways CFOs Benefit from Compliance Control

Controller –  How Purchase to Pay Controls Benefit the Plant Controller

Plant Manager – How a Plant Manager Benefits from Purchasing Approval Workflow

Accounting Manager – 7 Reasons Accounting Managers Love Automated Invoice Processing

Accounting Manager –The Capital Budgeting Tool for Accounting Managers

AP Staff – 7 Ways AP Automation Benefits the AP Team

Maintenance – How Purchase Order Approval Workflow Benefits Maintenance Workers & Service Technicians

Essential Roles –  How Purchase Automation Benefits Essential Roles – Purchasing Manager, Materials Manager, Shipping & Receiving