Without mincing words, handling invoice approval via paper or other manual-based processes with email and spreadsheets can be pretty time-consuming and slows down the invoice approval cycle. And worse still, the process is prone to human error.

But what if there was a solution for Sage Intacct that dramatically reduces invoice approval workflow cycle times by half?

With reliable AP approval workflow software, you have a robust tool that allows you to cut your accounts payable approval workflow time by half. Using an automated approval workflow automates the approval workflow process for PO and Non-PO invoices.

What’s unique about AP approval workflow software is that it’s uniquely designed to integrate with existing accounting systems, including Sage Intacct.

By automating the AP approval workflow, invoices will be automatically directed to the right person in the approval workflow. This ensures that invoices are verified and approved more quickly. Using a robust and powerful AP approval workflow system will allow you to spot discrepancies between purchase orders and invoices, ensuring that you only authorize accurate payments.

Read on for some benefits of integrating AP approval workflow software with Sage Intacct.

Top reasons to automate AP approval workflow for Sage Intacct

Drastically reduce cost

AP automation approval workflow software eliminates the need for paper-based invoice processing and its associated cost, including the need to have an office and storage space to store paper documents together with the time required to route invoices manually for approval.

Let’s assume for a minute that you currently spend $20 to process invoices manually. By introducing AP automation approval workflow software, you’ll reduce your cost to between $8 and $12. Take a moment to multiply this savings across all of the invoices you handle every month, and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll be able to save by simply automating the process.

Excellent insight and oversight

An AP automation approval workflow solution eliminates all the drawbacks of the manual approval process. And since the entire process is tracked automatically, you can seamlessly check the status of every invoice and explore deeply into transactions. Integrating Sage Intacct with AP approval workflow makes it easy for you and your team to compile reports and evaluate critical information, including items like outstanding payments and current expenses.

Intelligent functionality

When you process invoices manually, you may spend hours sending invoices to the correct approver. That may cause a bit of delay to the entire approval workflow system. By simply integrating an automated AP approval workflow system, you’ll drastically reduce processing time. And the best part is that invoices are sent to the proper approver without any delay according to preset rules.

Improves accuracy

When processing invoices, accuracy is of the essence. Unfortunately, when you’re stuck in the old ways of handling invoices manually, you can’t eliminate human error from the entire process. As your company grows and your account department begins to manage larger volumes of invoices, there is every likelihood that you’ll deal with inaccuracies. By simply automating the AP approval workflow process, you can reduce human error to the barest minimum or eliminate it completely.

Important functions of Pallet’s AP approval workflow software

Rillion’s AP approval workflow is important for many reasons and offers many functions that are useful. Let’s quickly take you through some crucial functions of Rillion’s AP approval workflow, especially for Sage Intacct.

Invoice data capture: Both emailed and paper invoices are captured by the system, and show up in a central dashboard within minutes of receipt. So you won’t spend time manually keying invoice data into Sage.

Automated invoice approval: The software makes it possible to automate the entire process. Once you have clearly outlined the instructions for invoice approval, the software automatically follows the instructions and handles this complex task on your behalf, saving you cost and time.

Time-stamped audit trail: Rillion’s  AP approval workflow software makes it easy to track invoices, and that’s because it provides a well outlined, time-stamped audit trail. This way, you know when an invoice was approved and by whom.

Automated three-way matching: Rillion’s AP approval workflow software offers a robust three-way matching engine that matches invoices, purchase orders and goods receipts.

Integrating AP Approval workflow with Sage Intacct

Are you ready to integrate a robust AP approval workflow software with Sage Intacct to save your company money and time and improve overall accuracy in invoice processing? Deploy an AP approval workflow software that:

●      Works seamlessly with Sage Intacct
●      Easy to use and implement
●      Automates your entire AP Approval workflow
●      Unlimited users

With Rillion’s AP Approval Workflow solution for Sage Intacct, you have a reliable solution to handle all invoice processing, including approval workflow, invoice data capture, automated invoice approval, 3 way PO matching, a time-stamped audit trail and more.

Find out more about AP Automation for Sage Intacct here.