It is easy to get started and work with electronic invoices in Centsoft Invoice. Here is a guide to how the service works in three easy steps.

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1. The invoice is scanned

When the invoice arrives it is either sent to a scanning interpretation company or interpreted in the cloud with Centsoft Capture. Invoices are scanned and sent as PDFs to an email address – and then appear in Centsoft within a few minutes ready to be coded and approved.

You can also give the email address to your suppliers so they can send the invoices as PDFs directly. This way, your company decreases the amount of post and paperwork.

The verification of the interpreted invoice occurs at the same time as you process the invoice in Centsoft.

2. Invoices are processed in Centsoft

When the invoices arrive in Centsoft it is easy to open up the relevant invoice, process it and send it out for approval.

The system is configured based on your approval routes. The invoice can be divided into several accounting lines and sent to different people at the same time. The right approver can thereby access the invoice directly online, through their web browser, wherever they are.

It is easy to follow the status of the invoices and create different types of reports. The fact that all invoices are digital, also makes them searchable in the system.

3. Automatically to your ERP system

Centsoft Invoice is fully integrated with your existing ERP system, which means that everything you do in Centsoft automatically transfers into your ERP system.

Centsoft automatically retrieves settings and registers, such as vendors, account records and currencies from the ERP System – the required information to book an invoice. When the invoice is processed and completed in Centsoft, it is directly transferred to the ERP system and ready for payment.