Dynamics 365 Accounts Payable Automation Software

Many organizations with Dynamics 365 are switching from handling accounts payable without automation because of the time and resources required to perform manual tasks.

For organizations that use Dynamics 365 as their primary financial accounting system, it’s good to know there is a robust AP automation solution that works seamlessly with your existing platform.

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Happy New Year!  As we kick off this New Year we decided to ask our clients why they automated their accounts payable process in the first place, here’s what we found:

Needed to improve accuracy overall

They were errors everywhere.  Companies were paying all the invoices that that came through the door and had no way to know if some of these invoices were duplicates or if they had mistakes.

Needed to speed up the process

The current AP process was so slow because companies had to manually get approvals and then type everything into the general ledger.  They were struggling to keep up and the valued employees were quitting.

The current process was too expensive

Even on the best months, when things were running smoothly and employees weren’t quitting it still cost too much shuffle paper and sign/send paper checks.  We had no way of knowing exactly how much money these companies were losing

Need visibility and control

How do you fix the problem and streamline the accounts payable process if you can’t track (in real time) all of your invoices?  AP automation will ensure payments are accurate and on time.

Current manual process is not secure

Having a manual accounts payable process made it impossible to ensure any compliance or standardization for security purposes.  Random late, unpaid invoices would go lost on employees desks and they was no way to enforce ways to protect sensitive financial data.

If you are still processing invoices manually let us help you improve your accounts payable process to with Rillion!