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Empower Finance teams to make data-driven decisions.

Get actionable insights into your AP automation potential, forecast spending and cash flow, and assess risks in your supply chain.

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Rillion Analytics is a real-time reporting package designed for Finance teams, Business Controllers and Line Managers.

With our new business-driven reports you can make data-driven decisions that benefit the entire organization. Rillion Analytics allows you to share data across teams, ensuring that there is only one report and “one source of truth”.

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Unlock the Power of your Data

Besides Accounts Payable experts, we´re now opening up insights to your business for controllers, line managers, CFOs, cash managers and purchase managers!

Examples of reports included in the new Rillion Analytics package:

Automation KPI report

Automation KPIs

See the percentage of touchless invoices and average processing times. Follow-up on successful coding, workflow, and matching numbers.

Spend Report in Rillion Analytics

Spend Report

Forecast costs in real-time and share the report with your team and the company.

Cash flow report in Rillion Analytics

Cash Flow

Follow the predicted cash flow for each day and simulate future scenarios

Payment days report

Payment Days

A strong cash flow will give your company an advantage. This report makes it easy to see how well you succeed in negotiating new terms for each supplier.

Vendor risk report

Vendor Risk

Get an overview of where your suppliers are located, and make simulations based on time periods and supplier selections.

Get Actionable Insights

As an add-on feature in Rillion Prime, Rillion Analytics enables you to identify low-hanging fruit in payment times, analyze spending, and forecast cash flow. Streamline your authorization tree and prepare for your next vendor meeting with ease using the Vendor card.

Integrated reports let you drill down to specific supplier invoice images with just one click.

Get actionable insights with Analytics for Rillion Prime
Key Benefits with Analytics for Rillion Prime

Key Benefits of Rillion Analytics

  • Better & faster decisions
  • Decrease the cost to produce reports/analytics
  • Save time by getting essential data to teams faster
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Improve security and compliance

Don’t wait – start using Rillion Analytics today to unlock the full potential of your data.

User Story

Fakturatolkning för mindre bolag

As an AP or Accounting manager I would like to have a snapshot report of all invoices currently in the flow of all currently active invoices sorted by company, currency, invoice type, flow status, due date, roles, match status and vendors. I would also like to be able to access the invoice and its image directly from the report via the url-link. This would be a great report to check every morning to prioritize and follow up on invoices and to check that my department is working and prioritizing their tasks.

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