According to recent research, 79% of organizations adopted cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) applications in 2017. And with the benefits to productivity, security and cost-effectiveness that SaaS can provide, it’s easy to see why.

SaaS can offer the most flexible, secure and scalable option for P2P software, takes the automation of critical business processes in finance, procurement and other business units to the next level. Whether you’re migrating your existing solution to the cloud or using P2P software for the first time, there are many reasons why SaaS makes sense.

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Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons to consider P2P SaaS:

1 – Cloud Collaboration

SaaS solutions can enable AP and finance departments to work together wherever they are. Since the software can be accessed from a web browser, expenditures can be approved while the signatory is working away from the office. This means fewer delays and having the opportunity to take advantage of early payment discounts. Additionally, cloud based software gives the entire team access to real time data, so everyone is operating with the same “single version of the truth”.

2 – All functionality, always updated

While P2P software helps the AP department to operate more efficiently, deploying it in the cloud can extend time savings across the organization. With the SaaS model, users avoid costly upgrades of hardware and always have access to the latest updates. This relieves IT  from spending time updating software, upgrading hardware, applying patches and troubleshooting.

3 – Superior Security

When moving to a P2P SaaS solution, you transfer operations and maintenance to a dedicated, outsourced team. This brings with it a number of security benefits. Firstly, updates and patching are managed automatically. Many of the most high-profile and damaging cyber security breaches in recent years have happened due to delayed patches. Additionally, many P2P SaaS options are hosted on platforms such as Microsoft Azure, which guarantees world-class security.

4 – Flexible Functionality

SaaS solutions offer a great deal of flexibility. If your needs change the solution allows you to adjust transaction volumes and database usage according to current requirements. It’s often possible to integrate your SaaS solution with other business critical applications. And you can scale up your solution accordingly with no need for additional hardware investment.

5 – Cost-effectiveness

Since P2P SaaS solutions require no upfront cost or initial investment in hardware, they present an affordable option to installed software. Their scalability means that businesses can not only modify the solution to their needs, but also to their budgets.

These are just a few reasons why organizations may want to adopt a SaaS solution for their P2P automation software. Each of these benefits are offered by Rillion Purchase to Pay in the Cloud, find out more here.

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