Documents & Contracts for Rillion One

Add-on service for smart management of all your documents and contracts

Store your Documents in Rillion

Key features

Part of Rillion Solution

  • Add-on feature of Rillion = same solution
  • Cost effective solution for simple document management
  • Users in your organization are already using Rillion – easy to start!
  • User friendly and fast to implement

Document Management

  • Store documents and contracts in the cloud in a centralized and secure way
  • Link documents to invoices. When invoices arrive, needed information is easily visible.
  • Share access rights
  • Build your own folder structure
  • Easily searchable and accessible

Contract Management

  • Store contracts and agreements in Rillion One
  • Set reminders for when contracts are about to expire
  • Get a notification well ahead of last termination date
  • Provide access to relevant agreements for those who approve invoices

Document & Contract Management in Rillion One

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Document Management for Rillion One

We can offer more than just invoice management!

Rillion Documents & Contract module is an add-on feature that bring our agreements and other documents in Rillion.

Collect all your agreements in Rillion One. When invoices arrive, you can see the document in the invoice view and easily reconcile the invoice’s items against the current agreement. Create your own templates for different document types and build your own folder structure. You easily control who should be able to access specific agreements. Text search in PDF so you can search in all text in the document.

Rillion Documents for Prime
Documents in Rillion One

Contract Management for Rillion One

Control of contracts before they expire

Store agreements and contracts in Rillion One. Set reminders for when contracts are about to expire so you get a notification well ahead of last termination date. You can also set up extra periodic reminders. Make agreements available to those making purchases so they are aware of negotiated discounts.

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