Engineered from the ground up with accounts payable in mind, Rillion’s AP Automation for franchise organizations gives your staff flexible approval workflows & automated invoice processing for contracts and recurring invoices.

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Tacala Chooses Rillion AP Automation to Help Manage 300+ Franchise Locations

Tacala needed to optimize their AP operations. Before implementing the Rillion solution, paper processes for managing recurring utility bills for over 300 locations was time-consuming and fraught with manual error.

AP Workflow for franchises

Franchise organizations receive high volumes of recurring invoices from contracts for services such as cleaning, maintenance and utilities for many different locations.

Most ERPs don’t have the granular capability to archive and connect multiple service contracts to the recurring invoices attached to them. That means franchise organizations have to deal with contract invoices separately, which can be both resource-intensive and time consuming. Using AP automation softwares can help bridge this gap.

A user-friendly system

Get a user-friendly system that is accessible from anywhere at any time, allowing staff who spend their working day out of the office to approve service invoices on the go.

Matching Recurring Invoices to a Contract

Repeat invoices such as rentals, phone, internet contracts and other utilities are automatically matched to account numbers or contracts, posted to the proper charge codes, and approved for payment.

Contracts Archive

Different types of contracts can be archived and classified. Administrators can decide who will have permissions to view specific contracts, and specify which contracts are confidential.

Contract Notifications

When the date is set for the renegotiation, extension or termination of a contract, the responsible person in the organization is notified. The reminder e-mail includes information about the contract details and any actions that need to be completed.

Remote Access

Easy access on any device. Approve invoices in your mobile while travelling.

Seamless Integration with your ERP

Invoice Data Capture with Rillion

Invoice Data Capture

Rillion’s capture solution ensures you eliminate paper completely. Whether invoices are received as paper or email formats, the data is captured quickly and efficiently. No manual data entry is required.

Efficient AP Workflow

Rillion automatically sends invoices to the proper approver, according to pre-set rules. If needed, you can add approvers to an existing workflow and ad-hoc routing is possible.

Automated Approval Workflow with Rillion’s Invoice Automation
Automated Matching of Recurring Invoices - Rillion

Automated Matching

Recurring invoices for services are automatically matched to account numbers or contracts and posted to the proper charge codes.

Archive & Audit

A complete contract archive complete with permissions. A step-by-step history of invoice transactions is recorded, including communications between internal staff and suppliers. Rillion creates a complete searchable invoice and contract archive for reference and auditing purposes.

Audit Trail Software - Rillion

Don’t take our word for it

"We searched for a flexible purchase-to-pay solution that could help us control purchasing, and secure supplier loyalty, that would also live up to our internal authorization framework."

Eva Petré Rege | Coor Service Management

" I like that with Rillion you see a pie chart of the expenses. So each month I can see see that at a quick glance… which is nice, you know each day when I go through entering/posting the invoices I kind of look at that to see where we’re at.” "

Nikki Milian | Smiles First Corporation

" We only work with the most modern systems and our aim is always to be at the cutting edge when it comes to technological solutions. Rillion is part of our ecosystem.”"

Hanna Rexhammar | Deskjockeys

"It’s amazing. The solution recognizes the invoice and it’s learning from those invoices, making it a smoother process. Once those invoices are getting thrown into the project manager teams, it’s already filled out for them to review."

Adrian Galvin | VMG Construction

"The system is intuitive, our clients quickly understand what to do and we are able to follow these companies’ growth. As they grow, we can keep scaling up the systems or the number of employees we assign to them"

Mattias Ryglert | Brain Accounting

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AP challenges for Franchise Organizations

Managing and processing multiple contracts for hundreds of franchisees can be a bit daunting.

Without some form of automation, finance administrators have to handle both contract documents and the accompanying recurring invoices manually. That means numerous spreadsheets, file folders with contracts, and emails are the only way to keep up.

As well, contracts come with varying terms and contract completion dates.

Not keeping track of all the details that accompany a contract can mean losing the advantage when renewing a contract on better terms, dealing with downtime when a contract expires without any notifications, overpaying or paying the wrong amounts, or having the franchise credit rating be affected by missed payments.

Not only do recurring invoices have to be processed and paid, administrators have to check that invoices match contract terms.

Some services do not provide an invoice with each monthly payment so an internal invoice has to be generated.

This is where a solution like Rillion can make a difference.

Rillion’s contract module can automate and optimize the contract/recurring invoice process, saving the franchise organization time and reducing the risk of missed payments or renewal opportunities.