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Automated Invoice Processing With Rillion

Manually keying invoice data into your accounting system or ERP is a high-touch, time-consuming process. Manually reaching out to approvers with email, phone calls and spreadsheets is also resource intensive.

Invest in a fully automated invoice processing platform that cuts the time spent processing invoices manually by 50%.

An automated invoice processing system seamlessly captures invoice data and provides an approval workflow to give you more flexibility and visibility into your AP process.

“We needed a system that could match our growth. With Rillion, this is exactly what we have received.”

Key Features Of Invoice Processing Software

Automate invoice data capture

Paperless electronic invoice processing is nothing new. But for it to revolutionize the AP workflow, invoice processing software needs to be able to do more than just convert documents.

In some capture systems, you’d just have a picture of the invoice, where you’d be required to input the data manually into your accounts payable invoice processing system.

Rillion’s OCR invoice scanning and invoice capture solutions captures the data from emailed or paper vendor invoices and populates the appropriate fields in a central dashboard, ready for processing and approvals.

Flexible approval workflows

Once the invoice data is digitally captured, the invoice is put into an approval workflow. Administrators create rules for which roles specific invoices should be forwarded to.

Any reference data can be used to auto route an invoice to a specific approval workflow or role.

The approval workflow is fully automated and easy to use  – approvers can view and approve the invoice on laptop, smart phone, tablet or email system.

Purchase order matching – Automated matching of Invoices, POs and Goods Receipts

The process of gathering and reconciling invoices, POs, and approvals is a vital part of the AP workflow. For many organizations this process is done manually.

Rillion’s accounts payable invoice processing system leverages the technology of business rules management to automate purchase order matching for PO invoices.

By configuring guidelines and percentage tolerances, you customize the guidelines for each vendor. Our accounts payable invoice processing system:

  • matches the invoice with the purchase order and/or goods receipt
  • flags exceptions and routes them to the approver
  • approver gets image of the invoice, PO, goods receipt and internal messages

If the invoice and PO don’t match, Rillion sends all the information necessary to clear the exception to the designated approver to reconcile.

Benefits Of Automated Invoice Processing

Automated invoice processing streamlines every step of your supplier invoice process and gives you more control over internal processing functions.

Get better visibility and traceability, and improve the speed at which vendor invoices are processed and approved.

The cost of processing invoices comes from manual labor, inputting invoice data and information, storing physical invoices and routing the invoices for approval. Automating the process saves both time and effort, and reduces the risk of costly human error.

There’s no reason to rely on email and spreadsheets to handle and manage supplier invoices. Manual data entry takes both time and effort. Where a human can make errors, ap automation accurately performs repetitive tasks according to configurable business rules.

With Rillion’s invoice processing software the process of handling invoices is automated. Avoid manually organizing incoming invoices or manually keying in invoice data. Have a searchable invoice archive and audit trail. For PO invoices, a PO matching engine automatically matches POs to invoices and goods receipts.

No matter the size of your organization, invoices will be misplaced or forgotten. Many vendors will charge a late fee for missed payments, affecting both credit ratings and your organization’s cash flow.

With automated invoice processing software the risk of missing an invoice due to human error is reduced, ensuring invoices are paid on time. This helps you maintain good relationships with your suppliers.

Rillion integrates with over 50 ERPs, and connects seamlessly with popular ERPs such as NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Dynamics, SAP, and more.

Why Choose Rillion’s Invoice Processing Solution?

  • Easy to use
  • Slash invoice processing costs in half
  • Automated workflow handles PO and Non-PO invoices
  • Drag and drop workflows for ad-hoc rerouting – no coding required
  • 1-click approval in email with all documents provided
  • Optional intelligent 3 way matching of Invoices, POs and Goods Receipts

AI and Machine Learning work for you

Machine learning improves your workflow. Rillion continuously learns how to code your invoices.

  • No need to create templates or rules to control who should approve costs related to a particular project or cost center. All coding is performed automatically in the background.
  • Rillion will automatically fill in its best coding suggestion while giving you the opportunity to correct any mistakes.
  • Make it easier to hand over tasks to new team members. Rillion remembers how your invoices are coded. New employees get up to speed quickly because the system teaches itself.

Electronic invoicing refers to the sending of digital invoices, also known as e-invoices. There are several different electronic formats, for example EDI-invoices or XML-invoices. A PDF-invoice sent via email is the most simple format of an e-invoice. In many countries it’s already mandatory to send electronic invoices and it’s the preferred method for most organizations. Electronic invoicing reduces paper usage and eliminates manual keying of invoice data into the ERP or accounting system.

Invoice processing refers to all tasks involved in processing a supplier invoice within an organization. It includes reception and capturing invoice data, approval of the invoice and/or matching against a purchase order or contract, account posting and payment of the invoice.

This whole process is traditionally performed manually by an accounts payable department, but with new technology the steps can become fully automated. Invoice automation software reduces processing time by 50%.

Electronic invoicing processing, also known as paperless invoice processing or digital invoice processing, refers to all tasks involved in processing a digital supplier invoice. The process is identical to the invoice processing of a paper invoice.

Invoice management is all the tasks involved with processing invoices. Most often it refers to the processing of supplier invoices within an organization. This task is often carried out by the Accounts Payable team.

A tolerance limit is the amount that an invoice is allowed to differ from the underlying purchase order or contract. In a modern invoice processing solution, the tolerance limits can be configured, which means that invoices with small deviations from the expected amount can be processed automatically, without additional manual intervention.

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