Rillion Prime

End-to-End AP Automation for Midsize or Larger Company

Gain control over invoices using AI, automation and real-time reports. Prime is our solution for companies with complex needs and high requirements on automation.

Next level AP Automation for Midsize or Larger Companies

Capture. Match. Approve. Analyze.

Rillion Prime is a scalable End-to-End AP solution with next level Automation, AI-coding and intelligent Insights

Rillion Prime

End-to-End AP Automation with Rillion Prime

– How it works

Invoice Capture (OCR)

Rillion Prime offers several methods to import invoices effortlessly, minimizing the need for manual input. Using artificial intelligence and capture automation, data is intuitively extracted from both paper and email invoices.

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PEAB Real Estate Development choose Rillion Prime (former Palette) or AP Automation

PEAB Real Estate Development
“We determined Rillion Prime would be our next system when we saw the breadth of functionality in the solution as well as the excellent cooperation between Rillion and our ERP vendor Vitec. We save a lot of time – time that can be spent on other tasks.”

This is Rillion Prime

– most popular functionality according to our customers

Invoice Capture (OCR)

Rillion Prime offers several methods to import invoices effortlessly, minimizing the need for manual input. Using artificial intelligence and capture automation, data is intuitively extracted from both paper and email invoices.

Our invoice capture solution offers a high level of automation:

  • 90-99% for paper and PDF invoices
  • 100% for electronic invoices
Intelligent Invoice Capture in Rillion Prime
Rillion Prime offers automated PO-matching and 3-way matching


Rillion Prime matches vendor invoices to internal or external purchase orders and goods receipts. Automated 2- and 3-way PO matching happens within minutes of receipt.

Our PO matching engine automatically matches hundreds of lines on a purchase order or invoice – saving you both time and money.

AI Coding

Rillion uses AI technology that continuously learns how to code your invoices and makes suggestions to speed up the process.

  • Save time from automation
  • Increase accounting accuracy
With the integrated AI-engine in Rillion Prime, cost invoices are auto-coded
Approve invoices online with Rillion Prime

Approve Online

Approve invoices online instantly with a single click – on your mobile phone, in an email or on your computer.

Rillion Prime sends out an email to the approver when there are invoices to approve. Reminders are sent by the system if required.

Requisition and Purchase Order Automation

Rillion Prime has functionality for managing requisitions and purchase orders for indirect purchasing. With our Buyer module, you get full control over purchases even before they occur.

Manage requisitions and purhcase orders in Rillion Prime
Manage contracts in Rillion Prime

Recurring invoices & Contracts

Rillion Prime matches recurring invoices automatically to contracts and users receive reminders when contracts are to be terminated or renewed.

The contract management feature also offers self billing.

Analytics and Reporting

This new feature empower Finance teams to make data-driven decisions.

Rillion Analytics is a real-time reporting package designed not only for Finance teams, but also for Business Controllers and Line Managers.

Follow up on important automation KPI’s, forecast costs in real-time and follow the predicted cash flow.

Get actionable insights with Rillion Analytics

Are you looking for something more simple?

Rillion One is made for small and midsized businesses seeking agile and effortless invoice automation solution.

Seamless integration with your ERP

Integrations are key to success for smooth operations and we´ve prepared for you to get onboard.

Rillion AP Automation for  Microsoft Dynamics AX
Rillion AP Automation for Business Central
Rillion AP Automation for Epicor
Rillion AP Automation for Finance and Operations
Elektronisk fakturahantering med integration till Epicor-iScala
Rillion AP Automation for Hogia
Rillion AP Automation for Jeeves ERP
Rillion AP Automation for Microsoft GP
Rillion AP Automation for Microsoft Navision
Rillion AP Automation for NetSuite
Rillion accounts payable automation for Sage Intacct
Rillion AP Automation for Sage X3
Rillion AP AutomationSAP Business One
Rillion AP Automation for Unit 4 / Agresso
Rillion AP Automation for Visma Control
Rillion AP Automation for Visma.Net
Rillion AP Automation for Visma Business
Rillion AP Automation for Vitec / 3L

Do you miss your ERP or Accounting System in the list?

New integrations are added on a continuous basis. Our team of integration specialists would love to know which system you are missing. Get in touch to know more about integration possibilities!

Always included when buying an AP Solution from Rillion:

  • Unlimited number of users (administrators and approvers)
  • Mobile Access (code and approve invoices whereever and whenever!)
  • Support included in local language: English, Danish, Finnish and Swedish

Benefits of Rillion Prime AP automation

Rillion Prime offers a wide range of benefits for midsized and larger businesses, including cost savings and invoice processing efficiencies, reduction in errors and exceptions:

Save time with AP automation from Rillion

Saves time

Accounts payable automation makes your invoice processing faster and more efficient by eliminating many of the manual stages – keying of invoice data, the approval workflow, and matching between invoices, POs, contracts, and goods receipts. It significantly reduces the number of human touches per invoice, thus reducing the amount of time spent on each invoice.

Reduce cost with with accounts payable automation from Rillion

Reduces costs

Accounts payable automation can significantly reduce the cost by which you are processing your invoices, saving your business money as well as time and resources on multiple levels. Automation not only helps reduce labor costs, eliminating manual tasks and the costs involved in document storage, postage, invoice production, etc., where the workers can focus on more worthwhile tasks, it also minimizes the risk for fraud and costly mistakes in manual handling.

Increase control with Rillion AP automation

Increases control

AP automation enables you to see the complete invoice flow in real time as well as access a digital invoice archive to see all previous invoices with a full audit trail – when the invoice arrived, who handled it, where it was sent, who approved it – with the possibility to add comments to it.

Enhance accuracy with Rillion accounts payable automation

Enhances accuracy

Accounts payable automation software eliminates the risk of human error and helps reduce the occurrence of payment errors, such as duplicate or fraudulent invoices. By matching the invoices against POs, contracts, and goods receipts early on in the process, erroneous payments can be flagged before they are made.

Improve efficiency with invoice automation from Rillion

Improves efficiency

Accounts payable automation provides a completely automated approval workflow with reduced approval times and increased productivity. It helps you avoid late payments as well as identify and avoid bottlenecks. Accounts payable automation solutions may also be integrated with existing ERPs, accounting systems, and other financial systems, creating an even more seamless and efficient workflow.

AP automation software boost compliance

Boosts compliance

Compliance rules are built into the AP automation software, helping create a fully transparent process to track and prevent common risks and instances of fraud. For example, the system can flag down duplicate issues, additional charges, and suspicious activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AP Automation stands for Accounts Payable Automation. It automates the capture of bill (vendor invoice) data so you don’t have to key the information into your accounting system manually, automates the approval workflow so you don’t have to chase people down with emails and phone calls to have them approve invoices, and gives you a complete searchable invoice archive in the cloud so you can find a current or paid invoice fast. An advanced version of AP Automation also includes automated PO matching, Requisitions and/or Purchase Order Automation.

Rillion offers prebuilt integration to many popular ERP and Purchasing systems. Once your ERP is connected (or ERPs, Rillion can be connected to one or several ERPs / Purchasing systems), invoice and accounting data will seamlessly transfer between the systems in real time. A Rillion solution consultant will support you with the initial system integration setup.

AP automation improves the invoice approval process in several ways, making the process both quicker and more efficient. Automatic forwarding to authorized approvers. Sending notifications and reminders automatically. Removes unnecessary human involvement. Stores key elements and conversations in one place for the invoice and makes them accessible to all relevant parties.

Invoice Capture, Digital Approval Workflows, Automated PO Matching, Contract’s module AI assistant for automated coding and integration to your ERP or purchasing system. Our pricing is based on the annual volume of supplier invoices to be processed. The number of system integrations to be setup can affect the start up fee and subscription fee. Schedule a consultation to get a quote for your business!

Rillion has a support ticket system for all of your queries. All Rillion customers have access to support service and you can choose different levels of support. Read more about our support

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