Recurring Invoices and Contracts

Match recurring invoices automatically to contracts and receive reminders when contracts are to be terminated or renewed.

Automate your recurring invoices with Rillion
Save time with Rillion’s recurring invoices software

Recurring Invoices Software

Subscriptions provide simplicity. Recurring invoices provide similar benefits, saving both time and effort in invoice management.

Setup your recurring invoice and contract management with Rillion’s recurring invoices software. Focus on your core business while our software handles the invoice and contract heavy-lifting.

“With our contracts being matched to vendor invoices for over 300 locations, Rillion has reduced our manual workload and really optimized our AP operations.”

Benefits of Recurring Invoice And Contract Management

  • On average, companies have 15–25% recurring invoices that benefit from automated agreement and contract matching.
  • Avoid spending time on approving the same recurring invoices every month. Our recurring invoices software matches, checks, and manages all periodic invoices related to a specific contract.
  • Generate invoices reflecting contract terms with the self-billing function.
  • Rillion’s ap automation software works as an electronic agreement database that is constantly accessible and searchable.
  • With its flexible authorization structure you decide who can see what and how you manage reminders ahead of important dates in the agreements.
Recurring Invoice and Contract Management software
Recurring Invoices Software is a Competitive Necessity

Why Recurring Invoices Software is a Competitive Necessity

Contracts cover a lot of the budget you have allocated for essential services. By using manual, paper-based methods for their contract management, organizations miss important dates, lose out on negotiating better terms, and waste resources matching contract terms to invoices.

Contract automation software has changed many things regarding contract and recurring invoice management, considerably improving business processes, reducing risk, and increasing revenue. Rillion’s contract automation software gives you a unified and reliable process for contract management.

Key Features of Rillion’s Contract and Invoice Management Solution

Recurring invoices

Recurring invoices can be matched to contracts or tracking numbers


Complete archive of all types of contracts


Make agreements visible to the whole organization

Reminder & Activation

Reminders are sent when a contract is about to expire or has to be renewed


A supplier invoice is automatically created by Rillion, reflecting the contract terms

How Does Rillion’s Contract and Invoice Management Work?

Agreements are stored in Rillion’s electronic agreement database, which has a flexible authorization structure, increasing both visibility and transparency of your contract and invoice management:

  • Existing suppliers and users are listed in addition to approval regulations, approval workflows, roles, coding suggestions, and other structures.
  • Agreements are supplemented with information about such things as agreement type, important dates, and validity periods.
  • Make supplier agreements and contracts searchable and visible to authorized individuals. Rillion makes it easier to control orders for favorable contract-based purchases.

Recurring Invoices/Contracts is a module in our AP Automation and Purchase to Pay software suites.

Rillion is trusted by banks and financial institutions in the US and Europe. Accreditations in the US include SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, and PEPPOL.

Learn how Rillion’s Invoice and Contract Management software works

A recurring invoice refers to an invoice from a vendor that charges a customer for their goods or services at regular intervals.

Recurring invoices are most commonly associated with cell phone bills, utilities, cleaning services, and maintenance charges, but are utilized for any situation where a company needs to order something at regular intervals.

A recurring invoice provides convenience where the supplier does not have to wait for the customer to pay, or repeatedly request payment information. Similarly, the customer won’t have to repeat the same process of ordering or sending manual payments every month, or however often they need the goods or services.

Automated contract management refers to different tools, software, and technologies that automate and streamlines the contract management process. This includes digitized and automated features for:

  • Matching contracts to incoming invoices
  • Contracts approval workflow
  • Storing contracts in a database for reference
  • Self-billing functionality

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