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Rillion is committed to keep your data safe. The data we are entrusted with by our customers, employees and contact persons is our top priority – for your peace of mind.

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Contacting us regarding privacy

If you are a customer or reselling partner, please reach out to our support

Other parties can reach out to our privacy and security team at

For information about Schrems II

Data Protection

Rillion has an extensive Data Protection Program in place. The program includes policies and guidelines, monitoring risks, incident handling, and awareness training. At Rillion we are committed to protect your data

Through our privacy policy and internal policies and guidelines we ensure all employees are aware of how Rillion shall process our customers’ personal data and also our Rillion internal personal data. These governing documents are approved by our Security Board.

Rillion’s Security Committee is the decision making body for security and privacy related matters. All strategic decisions regarding data protection are governed by the Security Committee.

The committee meets regularly and is facilitated by Rillion’s Security and Compliance Manager, who is appointed by the CEO.

All Rillion subsidiaries are subjects to the security and privacy frameworks. Data Protection is the responsibility of all managers. All employees at Rillion are obliged to take a yearly awareness training.

The Security and Compliance Manager reports to the Security Committee on topics such as progress on mandatory privacy training, internal control, incidents, and compliance with corporate policies.

In the event of an incident, our Privacy and Security Incident Response Team, including our Security and Compliance Manager, initiates the incident response procedure. The team is specialised in handling security and privacy incidents. This team is also responsible to inform the Security Committee.

The team works together with people responsible for the specific product and/or area of business. This enables Rillion to respond immediately to incidents, mitigate risk, and ensure that customers receive timely and relevant information.

Security at Rillion

Find our information security policies here.

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Information related to Schrems II

Based on the resent development and the ruling on the case referred to as “Schrems II”, most businesses must assess their transfers of personal data to third countries, including the US. Rillion is a provider of cloud-based solutions used by businesses for AP Automation bringing peace to mind to businesses globally and are therefore naturally affected by the implications of this legal ruling. We are continuously monitoring the legal landscape to be able to supply our customers with trusted solutions. We have therefore gathered some key information that may be useful when assessing your use of our services related to Schrems II:

Rillion is a global company with offices in Europe and North America, which enables us to provide efficient support to our customers as well as local project management wherever you are. If you are an EU-based company, you will be services by our EMEA support with employees that are based within the EU for development and support of your services. If your company is based outside of the EU, employees from our local US Support from other sites like US or UK may have access.

What Rillion does to ensure compliance with the GDPR after Schrems

  • EMEA Services have EU-only processing as a default
  • We have reviewed our data flows and assessed the transfers of customer data
  • We have updated our notices and data processing agreements to include appropriate transfer mechanisms such as SCC
  • We do not accept transfer mechanisms relying on Privacy Shield

We have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of our data.

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