Client Information

Customer Lindström Group
Branch Textile industry
Area Finland
Business system Microsoft Dynamics AX
Invoices/year 120000
Employees 4000
Process automated Invoice processing, handling contracts, purchase orders and PO-matching


Lindström Group is one of the largest textile service companies in Europe, which has a strong growth on a global level. Lindström wanted to standardise its accounts payable process globally with a modern solution, which scales according to growth and can be rolled out in several countries. The company also wanted to enhance reporting, so that consistent measurement between operating countries would be as easy as possible.


Lindström Group has already implemented Rillion’s invoice management solution in 13 countries, and the solution will be rolled out to Germany, Croatia and Poland before it is rolled out globally. The group will also extend the use of Rillion’s solution to purchasing. Beyond Finland, the purchasing module will be rolled out initially to at least six more countries

“Along with introducing Rillion solution, we have implemented a unified way of working in different countries across the Group. Thanks to the real-time reporting tool, we can now easily measure performance between countries.”
Juho Häkkinen, Finance System Controller at Lindström Group

Real-time reporting

Achieving clear and easy reporting is an integral part of the company’s global growth strategy. Rillion’s reporting tool brings easy visibility to different KPI’s across the entire organisation. The tool collects all main performance indicators on one dashboard, which enhances processes control, while inspiring ideas for improvement.

“Real-time reporting enables us to easily follow up performance between different countries. This helps us to identify parts of the process that need further development.”
Juho Häkkinen, Lindström’s Finance System Controller

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