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Automated Invoice Capture for Small Business

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Effortless Invoice Automation for Small Business with AI and Secure Payments

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From Invoice to Payment with Rillion One

– How it works

Smart Invoice Capture (OCR)

Rillion One offers several rapid methods to import invoices effortlessly, minimizing the need for manual input.

Rillion One

Rillion One Features

Invoice automation made for small businesses

Smart Invoice Capture, Quick Results

Rillion One offers several rapid ways to import invoices effortlessly. No more hand keying data into your accounting system.

Approve invoices effortlessly

Speed up the invoice approval process with Rillion’s digital and automated approval workflows. Approve invoices online instantly with a single click – anywhere you are.

Payments as a Service

Let Rillion deliver 100% of your payments. You focus on “who” to pay we determine “how”.  Immediately take advantage of modern electronic payments including virtual cards, ACH, and eCheck.

Make the easy even easier with AI

Wouldn’t it be great if the solution already knows how an invoice should be coded? Rillion uses AI to help you on your automation journey.

VMG Construction uses Rillion for Invoice Capture, Approval Workflow and Invoice Automation

Customer case: VMG Construction
“It’s amazing. Rillion recognizes the invoice and it’s learning from those invoices, making it a smoother process. Once those invoices are getting thrown into the project manager teams, it’s already filled out for them to review.”

Rillion One Integrates with Popular Accounting Systems

Rillion One is designed to easily connect with different accounting systems.

Do you need more automation?

For companies that seek the next level of AP automation: Rillion Prime has vast automation possibilities from 3-way PO-matching to AI-assisted coding.

Rillion One Features

Full visibility and control

Invoice Capture (OCR)

Stop hand keying invoice data into your accounting system! Rillion takes care of that for you.

Approval workflows

Invoice Approval Workflows

Approvers approve their invoices online on smartphone, desktop or laptop 24/7.

Recurring invoices automation

Payments as a Service

We deliver 100% of your payments. You focus on “who” to pay we determine “how”. We handle all supplier payment communication including ongoing conversion to electronic payments

Automated PO matching

Fast Setup

Get connected to your accounting system and up and running quickly.

AI-supported AP automation

Advanced Search

Search for any word or number on an invoice, no matter where the words or numbers are located.

Seamless integration to your ERP

Seamless integration to ERP/accounting system

Integrate your existing ERP/accounting system to Rillion’s  solutions.

Are you here as an Accounting Agency?

Rillion One is an outstanding solution for you to serve your customers in the best way, read more!

Rillion’s AP automation solution FAQs

When our customers compare Rillion with other accounts payable automation solutions in the market, they say Rillion is more user friendly and highly functional. We have many customers that have been using our solutions for 10+ years – thanks to the scalability of the system.

With Rillion you get a modern AP Automation solution that gives you full control and overview of all vendor invoices – regardless of the invoice status. Invoices can be approved 24-7 on laptop or mobile device. Invoice processing cycle times get cut in half when approval workflows are automated. You also get automated data entry, a searchable invoice archive and a time-stamped audit trail.

With Rillion’s AP automation software you’ll save time in almost every step of the invoice handling process. You eliminate manually keying in invoice data, approval workflows are automated and the system sends out a message to the approver. An AI assistant helps with account coding. Rillion has a PO matching engine for automatically matching invoices to purchase orders and goods receipts. Automated matching can be a huge time saver for businesses with large amounts of recurring and/or PO-invoices.

Rillion offers different solutions for AP Automation that suits small- and medium sized businesses – as well as larger enterprises. We have customers in all industries and business sectors and our solutions come with connectors to the many popular accounting systems and ERPs.

Rillion’s AP solution has turned out to be a perfect fit for accounting agencies administering their end customers’ vendor invoices. Learn about Rillion benefits for accounting firms.

We offer AP automation as a SaaS-solution with a monthly fee based on invoice volume. Initially there is a start-up fee which includes implementation, project management and training. The monthly SaaS-fee includes invoice capture, invoices processing and digital approval workflows. We offer add-ons for those customers that need even more automation, such as contract management, PO matching and AI support for automated account postings.

Get in touch, so we can help you choose the right level of automation for your business!

Our onboarding specialists will implement and configure the solution together with you. This includes initial connection to your accounting system/ERP and creating automated approval workflows that fit your organization. We also help you identify which steps and tasks can be automated in the AP process. The Onboarding may be different depending on which Rillion AP automation solution you have chosen, which ERP/accounting system you integrate with and if advanced functionality is needed.

The Onboarding may be different depending on which Rillion AP automation solution you have chosen, which ERP/accounting system you integrate with and if advanced functionality is needed.

See an overview of our Onboarding process.

Our invoice data capture solution processes files in any format including paper, PDF, EDI, XML, Word, Excel, JPG, TIFF, XML, CSV, and more.

There are different ways of scanning and capturing paper and PDF-invoices. You can choose to scan paper invoices yourself – they will then show up in Rillion within 5 minutes, or you can use an external scanning service for this task. PDF invoices are sent to a specific email address where they are automatically captured, populating the central dashboard with invoice data.

Yes, support is included. You can choose from different levels of the support service when entering into an agreement with Rillion. We offer support in English, Swedish, Danish, and Finnish.

As a customer you register support tickets in our support portal or by sending an email. The process is different according to the country you are in and type of agreement. During office hours you can call our support (local phone support available in the US, Sweden and Finland).

Each Rillion customer designates 2-3 administrators who will attend the Rillion onboarding training. After the training is complete these administrators get personal user accounts to our support portal, where they can register support tickets and request additional user accounts in case of staff changes.

Read more about our support

Yes, we can transfer invoice data into Rillion from several different systems. Get in touch with us to learn how we can migrate your invoice data!

It depends on your current way of receiving invoices. If you already have a dedicated email address for this purpose, i.e. suppliers will not be affected. For electronic invoices we help you contact suppliers. If you would like to change your scanning service partner, we can advise on how to communicate the change.

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