– for Midsize to Large Business

E-invoice/digital invoice is the most efficient way to receive and transmit invoice information to Rillion.

  • Immediately accessible
  • No need to scan or manually add data
  • You can trust that the invoice data is 100% accurate
Digital fakturering - Rillion
Rillion tar emot e-fakturor av olika format


– how does it work?

E-invoices are received directly in Rillion as soon as the EDI invoice function is activated. Electronic invoices are sent in the desired format, and suppliers who cannot handle electronic invoices send PDF or paper invoices, which are then converted into electronic data and delivered to Rillion.

Rillion’s service for receiving e-invoices has interconnection agreements with a large number of operators in the market and is an approved access point in all the countries where PEPPOL has been implemented.

Get started quickly

With e-invoices, you receive invoices directly from the supplier’s financial system. The interpretation is more precise because all information is transferred via data files.

We inform your suppliers free of charge that you want to receive e-invoices, and incoming invoices are then delivered as e-invoices.

Med e-faktura tar ni emot fakturor direkt från leverantörens ekonomisystem.

Benefits of automated supplier invoice management

Spar tid med fakturahantering från Rillion

Save time

Rillion automates several time-consuming tasks, such as scanning and interpreting invoices. E-invoices are received directly in the system.

Reducera hanteringskostnaden med Rillion fakturahantering för mindre bolag

Reduce costs

When many manual tasks are automated, you can handle increased volumes of supplier invoices without the need to increase your workforce.

Få bättre kontroll med fakturahantering från Rillion

Gain control

With Rillion, you gain full control over all invoices, regardless of their status. You can identify potential bottlenecks in the process and easily locate invoices during or after the approval process.

Eliminera manuella misstag med Rillion för Pyramid ekonomisystem

Eliminate errors

Eliminate manual errors that may occur during the manual entry of invoice data. The system flags false invoices and duplicates.

Samla alla leverantörsfakturor på ett ställe - i Rillion

All invoices in one place

With Rillion, you have a digital archive for supplier invoices, making it easy to find ongoing and completed transactions.

Obegränsat antal användare ingår i Rillion

Unlimited users

There are no additional costs for having many users! Create as many user accounts as you need, both for approvers and administrators.

E-faktura gör att fakturahanteringen blir helt digital

E-invoice automation

– achieve a 100% digital flow

E-invoice management is at the core of our digital invoicing solution and serves as the foundation for streamlining the entire process from procurement to payment.

An optimal process is achieved by automating the processes within the management of digital invoices, including scanning, approval, and matching against incoming invoices and contracts.

To minimize the time spent on managing a digital invoice, an automatic invoice workflow is generated.

Easy exception handling

– only exceptions need to be handled

With an automatic workflow only exceptions need to be handled.
To facilitate exception handling, all discrepancies in the approval process are categorized by different types and color-coded, providing you with a quick and clear overview.

Deviation tolerance for how much an invoice can differ from an order can be set at the header or line level. Different parameters like percentages or exact amount can be applied for different companies and suppliers depending on the needs and approval workflow.

By actively working with matching statistics, you can work with suppliers to improve the automation of exception handling.

Enkel avvikelsehantering med elektronisk faktura

Rillion Prime

Made for Midsized and Larger companies

Vast automation possibilities from 3-way PO matching to AI assisted coding.

  • Invoice Capture (OCR)
  • Invoice Approval Workflows
  • Next level automation
    • PO-Matching
    • Recurring invoices & Contracts
    • AI Coding
  • Payments as a Service
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Seamless integration to ERP/accounting system

“Rillion Prime offers many automation possibilities that fit even the most complex needs.”

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