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Rillion is accounts payable automation for everyone

AP Automation for everyone

Our solutions span from digitalization in its purest form where you´re up and running in an hour to full purchase to pay solutions with no touch processing. If you tell us about your business, we´ll find a solution that corresponds to what you need – no more and no less. Why over complicate things, when it´s easy to find exactly what would make your life easier and more fun at the same time!

Manual workload reduced at Tatum Homes

Because of the paper processes and numerous job sites involved, invoices would get lost or misplaced. Approvers would be overwhelmed with paperwork and management was looking for a more streamlined, automated approach. Want to know how they solved it?

Tatum Homes uses Rillion for AP automation

This is our offering

Our customers include everything from start-up companies to international groups.

Free up time for the entire organization


AP Automation gives you a complete overview of payables, improving the quality of your financial reporting and the efficiency of your department. With our Insights Platform you have real time data to analyze for forecasting as well as cost follow up. Make sure AP is a natural part of your CFO office and everyday work.

Our solutions are easy to configure according to your business rules and legislation. This way, you can have confidence that compliance is being met.


Financial Manager

Do you easily get accurate data for financial planning and budgeting? Without AP Automation, you are constrained by multiple spreadsheets and email. Building and analyzing spend reports is a struggle and it’s impossible to foresee upcoming expenses.

AP Automation gives you a complete overview of payables, improving the quality of your financial reporting. Our solutions are easy to configure according to your business rules and legislation. This way, you can have confidence that compliance is being met.

Financial Manager

Accounts Payable

Manual invoice processing is a struggle, and so is working in a poor system.

With our solution, you get full control of your supplier invoices, from their arrival through to them being booked and paid for. Pre-set matching and workflow rules decide how the invoice is processed in your organization, saving a tremendous amount of time for your department, and limiting touch points. Not to mention how easy you add new users and get them onboard. To increase efficiency even more, use our AI tool for automatic coding.

AP Manager - Accounts Payable Team


Are you worried about adding another system to your infrastructure? Don´t be. We offer highly secure cloud solutions and take care of the implementation, operation and maintenance of the system. Our solutions are operated on the latest Microsoft Azure technology, and we have 100+ integrations already in use.

IT Manager

Making your life easier

Approving, coding, and paying invoices is something we all need to do, that´s a fact. So let´s make it more fun while doing it!

You choose how

Easily access our solutions in and out of the office and approve your invoices on desktop or mobile.

Always in control

Having control of your invoices and statuses reduce stress level – what would you do with more quality time?

A real time saver

Use our AI tool & matching logic to achieve a no touch invoice processing so you can play tennis instead.

Stay ahead

Choose an up to date solution that allows you to grow. It´s never fun to have to change it too often.

Seamless integration with your ERP

We have built integrations to more than 100 systems, check out the one you use!


We have customers in all industries and have adapted our solutions to fit the specific needs, check it out below!

Listen to our customers

Carrie Self CPA at Tacala

"With our contracts being matched to vendor invoices for over 300 locations, Rillion has reduced our manual workload and really optimized our AP operations."

Carrie Self CPA | Tacala

"I like that with Rillion you see a pie chart of the expenses. So each month I can see that at a quick glance."

Nikki Milian | Smiles First

"What Rillion provides is great for what I need, and it has all the tools that I need in order to process all invoices and get them approved in line with my project managers and my account payables."

Adrian Galvin | VMG Construction

Gerry Trejo, Cypress Creek

"We manage nearly 300 solar sites. Each solar farm is its own company, and each installation has its own tax implications with our investors. We’re using Rillion for the audit function, to handle enquiries for all of these accounts."

Gerry Trejo | Cypress Creek

"We searched for a flexible purchase-to-pay solution that could help us control purchasing, and secure supplier loyalty, that would also live up to our internal authorization framework."

Eva Petré-Rege | Coor Service Management

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