Automate your accounts payable with a system that is user-friendly and fast. Rillion seamlessly integrates with Sage X3.

World class accounts payable automation for Sage X3

Integration with Sage X3 is fast and you can be up and running quickly. Rillion’s AP automation is fully integrated with Sage X3, which means that everything you do in Rillion is automatically transferred into Sage.

Settings are automatically retrieved from Sage X3, with all registers that are needed to book an invoice, such as suppliers, chart of accounts and currencies. In addition to the invoices being coded to the correct account, project and cost center, you can also see the invoice image in both Rillion and Sage X3.

Paper and emailed invoices are automatically entered into a central dashboard.
Rillion automatically sends invoices to the proper approver by laptop or mobile. Approvers can view the invoice and approve with one click.

Rillion’s search engine gives you access to historical invoice data and a wide range of useful reports. Search on all invoice data – not only on accounts used or vendor name.

Benefits of integrating Rillion with Sage X3

  • Easy to use
  • Automated invoice capture – no manual keying
  • Approval workflow to all your approvers
  • Searchable archive
  • Fast setup
  • Unlimited users

Imported from Sage X3

  • Suppliers
  • Charts of account
  • Project
  • Cost center
  • VAT-codes

Invoice registration

  • Fully booked invoice in Sage
  • Invoice image
  • Accrual
  • Reversed sales tax
  • Property VAT

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