AI Coding

Machine learning and AI improves your workflow. Rillion continuously learns how to code your invoices and makes suggestions to speed up the process.

Optimize posting and routing tasks in accounting with AI

Optimize posting and routing tasks with AI

Typical account posting processes can take far more time and resources than expected, especially due to human error from accounting staff or suppliers.

Rillion’s AP Automation solution uses machine learning to optimize posting and routing tasks. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence where machines perform tasks using Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT).

How it works

Rillion takes invoices in the historical archive and sends them to the Rillion AI Engine to build up a model of historical database of posting data.

The AI Engine starts to generate coding and routing predictions based on the customer’s historic invoice and coding data. The AI learns and updates the model with final coding and routing rules.

The AI Engine starts to generate coding and routing predictions based historic invoice data

Benefits of AI-coding

With Rillion’s AI feature, you will minimize time required for accounting.

Ease of Use

Rillion gets high user ratings for “easy to use”. AI makes it even better.

Save time and money

New employees get up to speed quickly because the system teaches itself.

Less work

Less time scrolling or remembering codes

Fewer mistakes

More accuracy with a reduction of manual errors

Learn why you should automate accounts payable processes with Rillion

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What if your accounts payable (AP) team could spend more of its time on the things that matter most, and less time on manual, repetitive tasks? Such as keying invoice data, matching purchase orders and shuffling paper and emails.

That’s the promise of artificial intelligence (AI), adaptive, algorithm-based technology that automates tasks. Find out more in this whitepaper!

Why Choose Rillion’s AP Automation Software?

With Rillion’s AP automation software your organization can:

  • Receive invoice data electronically – eliminate manual data entry
  • Have invoice approvals that are automated with 1-click approval in email
  • Invoices and purchase orders matched by the software
  • Exception handling optimized to reduce cycle times
  • Complete time-stamped invoice log with archive
Learn why you should automate accounts payable processes with Rillion
Rillion‘s AP automation solution is trusted by banks and financial institutions

Trusted by Banks

Rillion‘s AP automation services are trusted by banks and financial institutions in the US and Europe. Accreditation in the US includes SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, and PEPPOL.

Rillion is a configurable, modules-based solution available on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Global accounts payable automation solution for multiple ERPs, countries, currencies, and tax rules
  • Unlimited users—no user license costs
  • Bulletproof compliance control and minimal IT involvement

Accounts payable automation software uses artificial intelligence to assist with invoice coding as well as with the input of invoice data when the invoice data is extracted.

Artificial intelligence per se is not the future of accounting but can assist in automating manual tasks.

Artificial intelligence can help with the administration of financial data such as suggesting invoice coding or extracting data fields from vendor invoices.

AI in accounting can perform tasks such as suggest coding for vendor invoices in the accounts payable process.

Seamless integration with your ERP

Integrations are key to success for smooth operations and we´ve prepared for you to get onboard.

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